[Video] Office Hours: All About Miles Edition


Today’s webcast featured an awful lot of questions from one particular person who was super-active at https://pollgab.com/room/brento:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:03 Miles: Hi Brent, I am aware of “sp_statement” completed and sp_batch_completed events in trace and extended events. But, what is the use of rpc_completed event? How this event will be helpful while collecting traces and when should we capture this event? please explain.
  • 01:37 Mike: Azure SQL Managed Instance has uptime SLA of 99.99%. If we are okay with maximum of 4.5 minutes of downtime per month (0.01%) – that means we do not need to add any secondary replicas for HA at all, and single instance is sufficient?
  • 05:16 Miles: Hi Brent, we have a dev team always say, its the SQL problem. Eg:DB locks is the root cause of app API slowness, why SQL Server got restarted,we can’t afford it. How to handle such teams? How we can do a much better job?
  • 07:16 Pradeep M.: When log shipping gets behind by 24+ hours do you try to determine why it got behind or focus on improving network bandwidth so that it doesn’t get behind in the future?
  • 08:16 Miles: Hi Brent, what is process involved in base-lining a query performance. I really want to know how to do it and why it is important to do it. Please explain with an example.
  • 08:51 JimLic: I have seen performance issues when using more than 3 CTEs stacked on top of each other. Is there some documentation that says “don’t use more than 3 CTEs in a single query”. Does “It depends” apply here? What have you seen with CTEs?
  • 10:45 Miles: Hi Brent, Any piece of advice for new DBA’s with 5+ years of experience to increase their credibility and visibility?
  • 13:25 Rapid Dragon: What’s your opinion of SQL stretch DB? Do and of your clients use it / like it?
  • 13:57 Miles: Hi Brent, How to find a right mentor? How to approach them? Difference between teacher & mentor? If one agrees to be a mentor what things mentee should be prepared for?If mentor charges more, find another? Have you faced situations where mentor affordability was an issue? Thanks!
  • 18:15 Miles: Hi Brent, based on your work experience, what are the top 5 essential qualities a good DBA should have?
  • 20:16 who knows: I have a lot of old c# apps that are forcing SQL transactions to go ReadCommitted, is this preventing my SQL server from using row versioning? I have RCSI enabled in my databases.
  • 21:26 Hjordis: What is your opinion of SQL Trace Flag 834 – “Use large-page allocations for the buffer pool, columnstore, and in-memory tables”?
  • 23:03 zlobnyfar: Hello Brent! If the money is not a problem – what is the best HA and DR solutions you can recommend. A few small conditions: SQL Server 2017 or 2019 ENT Edition, NO downtime and NO Data loss. Thank you for comprehensive answer!
  • 24:11 Julie Berthelsen: What are the pros / cons of implementing first responder kit in TSQL vs PowerShell? Microsoft SQL support tools tend to prefer PowerShell for some reason.
  • 25:30 Ciaran O: Microsoft recently mentioned potential shortage of GPUs as a risk factor to it’s business. Should Microsoft do like Apple and start making it’s own chips?
  • 28:08 Drax: How do you know if your Azure SQL VM is too overprovisioned (i.e. paying for unused resources)?
  • 29:04 Tony Feuz: Would you recommend turning on TDE? We are facing some changes for SOC2 and we are wondering if we should go this far. Our backups are currently encrypted and I did read your blog post – but the post does not seem to specify if you are for or against it…. Thanks!
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  • you should have put round midnight as background song on miles’ questions

  • HAHAHA, excellent title! I need to listen now just to see how patient you can be!

  • Thanks Brent for answering, always appreciate the perspective. Regarding my TDE question I guess I should have asked – do you have any performance concerns around TDE that would cause you to recommend NOT turning it on? Do you cringe if you hear someone does actually turn it on?

    • It’s like any other feature: there’s a performance overhead in turning it on, and ideally you’ll want to test it in a load test environment first, or make sure you have enough headroom where you can sustain higher CPU usage.

  • Treat the Dev colleagues as your client and try to help them is a pure gold advice as a person but also for the all team.
    Is it just from your experience or did you get it earlier in your career from someone else / book?

    • I’m sure it’s been given by many folks, but I first encountered it when my manager had me bill out my hours to different departments. The departments didn’t get an actual *bill*, but it worked wonders for my boss to be able to say, “Brent spent 85 hours last month doing support for the accounting department, and 45 hours for the sales department, and…”


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