[Video] Office Hours: Overly Caffeinated Edition


After consuming waaaay too much coffee, I went through your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 03:53 It’s ‘a me: Is there a feature in SQL that Microsoft abandoned that you wish they had perfected?
  • 05:43 TheEveryDayDBA: My friend asks, he is using sp_blitzIndex on a OLAP db workload. Quite a lot of Indexaphobia: High Value Missing Index are trigger for a table, that contains a Clustered ColumnStore index on it. Does sp_blitzIndex look for ColomStore indexes when it runs?
  • 07:01 RenegadeLarsen: Hi Brent Any plans on going to SQLBits next year? Kind Regards RenegadeLarsen
  • 08:06 BrentIsMyHero: Hi Brent! You are my hero! 🙂 Can you please recommend your top 3 books for a Production DBA role. Thanks and have a great day!
  • 09:28 ascme: I’ve been a mssql DBA for 15+ years and have dabbled in other platforms. My company is moving most DB services to IBM LUW and MariaDB. I am half interested in learning more about them, but not sure that is a career building positive for me. What would you do?
  • 10:30 Ozan: Hi Brent, you recommend performing snapshot backups if the database size is greater than 1 TB. Why not also for databases with smaller sizes?
  • 11:18 Miles: Hi Brent,How do you handle egoistic managers or toxic peers who take credit for your work, don’t appreciate it, and hinder your promotion despite hard work? Have you faced such situations? Can you share your experiences and advice on dealing with them?
  • 13:16 unspoiled: I had an issue with excessive blockings, I tracked this down to be related to compile locks of which I have never heard of before. how do compile locks cause a wide spread blocking issues and how could it be prevented?
  • 15:41 Blue K: Is Azure SQL any better/worse for implementing one DB per customer than traditional SQL VM?
  • 16:59 Kaysar R: You mentioned using snapshot backup over native SQL backup for large terabyte DB’s. Do you recommend first upgrading to SQL 2022 before attempting snapshot backups?
  • 17:41 Chips Ahoy!: In a recent office hours you recommended that XML and JSON should be stored in the DB as a blob. You are also known to say “don’t put data in the DB unless there will be joins or filters on it” Seems contradictory. Did I misunderstand something?
  • 18:31 Red U: Have you seen anyone successfully automate the scale up / scale down process for Azure SQL VM? What were the lessons learned?
  • 21:04 Izzy G: What are the top issues your clients run into when querying SQL Server over a WAN instead of a LAN?
  • 21:32 It’s ‘a me: Hi Brent. You talk about backups a lot, but I’ve never heard you mention backing up to URL? Is there a reason you don’t mention it as an option? Drawbacks, reliability etc
  • 23:15 Faroek: Is the query store purely a logging feature, or does SQL Server also use it to re-use plans or check for plans to help with query executions?
  • 24:06 Grubsnik: In a recent office hours, you mentioned that SQL server has become much better a prioritizing ram over disk for tempdb in the last 5-10 years. Can you tell which version specifically? We’ve been running TempDB on ramdrives and I’m wondering if that is an antipattern for SQL2016
  • 24:56 Doug E: What are your thoughts on Microsoft purchasing Activision? Does this permanently hurt the competition?
  • 25:47 sandimschuh: What is a good way to identify queries that pose the risk of a sudden change in execution plan (switch from NL to a scan or visa verse)? The problem occurs with queries that use at least one index with heterogeneously distributed data (bad estimates) and nested subqueries.
  • 27:38 Lance Boil: What is your favorite cruise ship line and destination?
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