[Video] Office Hours: Really Long (and Really Short) Answers


Today’s batch of questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento requires some really long answers, and some are right to the point.

  • 00:00 Start
  • 02:13 Eh? Aye…: As DBAs, how can we best prepare for the AI world in terms of data? Should we start with AI as a concept fundamentals, or what ua the ‘data type’ we should just jump right in and start to learn to work with? E.g. if we were into mapping, we would look to learn geospatial.Ta much
  • 03:37 Tim Gitchel: What is the best method for configuring Linux or K8S to connect to FCI with MultiSubnetFailover=True? I get mixed results when adding this to the connection string and am not sure of all the moving parts and options.
  • 05:04 Jorge: What are your pros / cons of deleting old backup files before vs after OLA SQL backup for multi TB db backups?
  • 06:40 Bekim Fehmiu: Do you recommend page or row compression for new tables in SQL Server on prem?
  • 07:31 Miles: Hi Brent, App db grew suddenly from 3TB to 5TB, filling 90% disk. How to size data&log drives for such sudden growths? What proactive measures can we take to monitor&plan for sufficient space? what questions to ask the app team to avoid unnecessary downtime’s? Thank you.
  • 09:22 Hjordis: Is it ok to delete from a CTE (instead of a view) when doing fast ordered deletes?
  • 10:46 Don’t Bother Asking (DBA): Hi, Do you advocate using storage replication as a data resiliency/availability strategy for SQL Server data/log files? Does replication at the storage level work with SQL Server?
  • 12:34 Miles: Hi Brent,pls explan how RCSI works when readers &writers are involved and when writers & writers are involved? Unable to visualize how all this works. RCSI is enabled on app db.We don’t see any opentran in use tempdb go dbcc opentran go but tempdb size keeps growing and growing.
  • 14:13 RacerX: What’s the fastest you have ever driven and which car was it in?
  • 16:32 Urs Fischer: Have you ever seen any successful large code migrations from SQL Server to PostgreSQL for money saving purposes? What were the lessons learned?
  • 17:44 planCacheObliteration: Batched queries (eg below) flush our plan cache. How should our devs fix this? One query per batch? Batched a different way? (@p1 int,@p2 int,@p3 int… …@p1000 ); delete tbl where id = @p1; select @@rowcount; delete tbl where id = @p2; select @@rowcount; update…
  • 19:26 Confusing DBA: Hi Brent, we ran into performance issues recently. We used steps from How I Use the First Responder Kit to teach our developers to solve those issues, but they only want direct answers / spoon-feed solutions and like to ask random questions. What do you suggest to deal with this?
  • 20:18 Miles: Hi Brent, We have a vendor specific db and we see lot of query hints being used in their code,lots of (NOLOCK) (ROWLOCK) & (UPDLOCK). hints.Is this fine or do we need to ask the developers to remove those hints? In recent times with multiple integrations,this db is becoming slow.
  • 21:38 Mike: In Azure SQL Managed Instance, should I still perform DBCC CheckDB checks?
  • 23:24 Mike: In Azure, SQL Managed Instance (32 vCore, 224 GB RAM, $8K) of comparable size to SQL VM (32 vCore, 256 GB RAM, $11.5K), is cheaper. Isn’t Managed Instance supposed to be more expensive, given that backups, patching and HA are taken care of by Azure?
  • 25:09 Ornella Muti: What are the top use cases for SQL SYNONYM you see in the wild?
  • 26:56 Tim Taylor: What’s it like living in a new house during major renovations? Would you do it again?
  • 27:42 Q-Ent: Hi Brent, Do you have any suggestion on how we can update our DWH in Near Real Time from Staging environment? I use transactional replication right now but the amount of changes is too high and causes performance issues on distribution database.
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  • If an organization is porting from SQL/Oracle to Postgres, it is unequivocally not about cost savings, and 100% about someone’s ego.

    Even going from SQL Server on prem to something like Azure SQL DB sometimes there are limited prospects for cost savings for how time consuming some of the comparatively minor adjustments may be.

    • to make less ambiguous – if they are porting from SQL/Oracle to Postgres claiming it is for cost savings, its about ego.

  • John Ballentine III
    August 23, 2023 7:55 pm

    Quick comment for Brent – when you play the applause noise, it’s loud (as expected) and lasts for ~8 seconds. Problem is, you keep talking behind it. Most of the time, not an issue, but wanted to make sure you were aware of it. If you review this video starting at around 1 minute, you get 2 of them as examples in the next minute.


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