[Video] Office Hours at Svínafellsjökull Glacier in Iceland


Got Azure SQL DB and SQL Server questions? Post them at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and I’ll answer the top-voted ones. This episode comes to you from the most hike-friendly glacier in Iceland, one where you can park your car and step onto the glacier 15-20 minutes later after an easy walk. (I’m not standing on the glacier in this – I’m in front of it.)

Here’s what we covered today:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 01:32 Kenny Blankenship: What is your opinion of the Microsoft Azure AG deployment experience that walks you through creating the cluster, VM’s, and availability group for SQL 2022?
  • 02:43 Mrs. Watanabe: What is your opinion of using Windows S2D as storage host for Azure SQL VM data and TLog files? Do you run into perf issues with this?
  • 03:21 sandimschuh : Where is the cut-off point in SQL Server where a nested loop with key look up becomes more expensive than a scan? Or to put it another way, what criterion does SQL Server use to decide that a scan is cheaper?
  • 05:21 CuriousDBA: Hello Brent, Given server A and server B What is the best solution in your opinion to archive data from server A to server B and purge data on server A?
  • 05:55 DerekSQLDBA: Hi Brent – We have some dev servers in availability groups with a lot of databases (200-250+) so we need a lot of worker threads and are paying for 16 cores for each server, but overall usage is under 10%. Is there any way to deal with the worker thread bottleneck for cheaper?
  • 07:22 Mrs. Watanabe: What is your opinion of using network storage such as Azure NetApp and Silk to bypass azure disk throughput limits for Azure SQL VM?
  • 07:58 Clippy: What is your opinion of the Azure SQL VM Best Practices Analyzer (part of SQL Agent extension)? Is this comparable in quality to sp_blitz?
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