[Video] Office Hours in Telluride, Colorado


We headed up to the mountains to get away from the Vegas heat. Before the sun rose, I took your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.


Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:36 Ozan: Hi Brent, how should Volume Snapshot Backups (VSS) be configured correctly that it will not freeze the database’s IO for a couple of seconds or minutes? Best regards from Berlin
  • 02:00 Miles: Hi Brent, As a DBA (5+ years), how do you track your work? Any tool or Excel? for ex: manager asks send me the list of items worked over last 10 months. things like that. Any piece of advice for visibility and credibility, dealing with a biased manager?
  • 03:01 Yullka Mujo: What are the top issues you see with using FileStream in SQL Server?
  • 03:24 Logar The Barbarian: What kind of problems have you dealt with and resolved for clients utilizing Dynamics GP for their ERP systems?
  • 04:43 Pavle Vuisic: Is it ok to update to latest SQL CU when you are four updates behind or should you install one CU then the next, etc?
  • 05:13 Rotnei: Do you have any suggestions for dealing with Azure Alert fatigue? Email rules / folders seems potentially heavy handed.
  • 05:55 Mahlagha Jaberi: What is your opinion of performing Azure SQL VM backups using crash-consistent snapshots?
  • 06:51 Miles: Hi Brent,Dev team is try to DELETE a log table based on co-related sub-query. It read 4TB data and It caused heavy blocking for more than an hour. Eventually had to kill the session. Even Rollback it took almost 30 mins. Db is part of AG. Any advice to make the DELETE’s faster?
  • 07:41 Hjordis: When should you put new tables in a file group other than PRIMARY?
  • 09:01 Ozan: Hi Brent, regarding MAX DOP I get in a 16 CPU VM environment with MAX DOP = 0 (16) better, faster results than with 8 which is the max value recommended by Microsoft. What problems could I face when I stay with 16 or 0? Thanks
  • 09:31 BobbyTables: You mention that while you haven’t done them recently, you’ve heard of potential issues when doing an In Place Upgrade for MS SQL OS. What issues have you seen reported?
  • 10:53 Shahab Hosseini: What is the top batch request per second (sustained) you have seen at your clients? How many DBAs did they have?
  • 11:38 Ingvar Vittfarne: Do you have a recommended naming convention for SQL Agent Job Schedule names?
  • 12:13 Nomzamo M: How do you know if the SQL engine has inlined your user function or not?
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