Office Hours: Before Heading Out on Vacation

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I took a break from packing my bags long enough to answer your top-voted questions from

Here’s what we covered:

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  • 02:42 T-man: Hi BO. A friend has multiple Distributed AGs (on separate business division servers) but needs to share ODS data with each of the DAG DBs. Any near-real time architecture ideas so they can stop batch ETL? Adding replication on top of AGs can work, but yuk. Thanks, you da best.
  • 04:11 BigData: Adding a server login during peak times is causing deadlocks with random user sprocs. It appears related to SCH-M on security cache. Server is 1.5tb and security cache is 13+ gb. Can’t recreate issue on small dev server. Are there any gotchas when clearing security cache?
  • 04:59 reluctantly_tolerant : We are using AWS FSxN (managed NetApp ONTAP) provisioned for 512MBs throughput with SQL 2019. The DB files are so fragmented that 2k iSCSI IOPS causes 50k-60k disk IOPS and AWS is throttling to 20k IOPS and ~130MBs throughput. How can I fix this and prevent recurrence?
  • 06:59 Eli: Hi Brent, observed a hash match operator performing 1000x slower when Table B is first in a join, but no spill! Join is many-to-many, with one duplicate value in Table A showing up 40M times, 200M times in Table B. From an internals perspective, what makes B-first so much slower?
  • 07:43 Tim Gitchel: Is there a way to capture any connection to the DAC? I am seeing an error from a nightly Tenable scan that there is another connection preventing access, but I can never seem to catch it. Could something else be causing this same error?
  • 09:01 pete: Why would a bit-wise operation in a table join cause a query to run long?
  • 10:37 Sonakshi Sinha: What did DBA Brent do for physical fitness?
  • 13:47 Golshifteh Farahani: I addition to Ozar training, what are the top things SQL DBA’s should be doing to future proof their careers?
  • 15:32 OliTheDBA: At what point do you think the cons outweigh the pros of automation ? For example, fancy multi-thousand line powershell scripts to snap restore db’s are great and save time, but the up keep and maintenance isn’t enjoyable and can often take hours a week. (Rant)
  • 16:50 Bilal Lashari: What are your top memories from your visits to the Microsoft Redmond campus?
  • 19:28 MooneyFlyer: Hey Brent, kind of a silly question, so roasted if needed. Why STATISTICS IO ON doesn’t give any information about written pages? Is there a way to get this information? I’m trying to give hard evidence to indexing naysayers on the real impact of adding an index to a table.
  • 21:08 Bjorn: Is it ok to use PAGLOCK hint in conjunction with TSQL – DELETE TOP (@SomeVar) FROM dbo.Foo to prevent lock escalation?
  • 21:57 Grimlock : What is the optimal nap time and duration? Have you always followed this?
  • 23:13 Alex M: Do you have any experience/thoughts on using non-MS SQL replication technology with SQL Server, such as Zerto for DR?
  • 25:08 Vangelis Protopappas: What are the top SQL full text issues you see with your clients?
  • 26:00 Demet Evgar: Does the DBA role for non-relational DB’s differ much from that of relational DB’s?
  • 27:57 Pareesh Patel: When doing one DB per customer for multi-tenant, what is the max number of DB’s you would not exceed when using SQL A.G.?
  • 29:18 Stu: At what point do you think a software developer should look for a new job, what are the tell tale signs?
  • 30:53 west: What are your thoughts about Microsoft Fabric and its dwh ability?
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  • Alan Cranfield
    August 24, 2023 9:05 pm

    hey “reluctantly_tolerant” – if you’re listening. .. I’m with AWS and we’d really like to help you address your FSxN storage issues… let me know… thanks and thank you also to Brent for covering this question…


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