[Video] Office Hours: While Stack Overflow is Down


Stack Overflow was down, so y’all posted questions at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and I gave ’em my best shot.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 04:33 Amir: Does Az-900 worth the effort and money? What about other microsoft certifications?
  • 06:16 Mr. M: Hi Brent. Which feature in SQL Server you like the most?
  • 08:43 Q-Ent: Hi Brent,I took mastering classes bundle and nowI am on Mastering index part.While you do your magic on the queries, you never consider statistics.Do you think statistics update is an obsolete maintenance method?I am really excited and I totally recommend everyone to join a class
  • 09:28 Yvette: What’s the recommended max ceiling for a single AG group in terms of number of DBs and max size per DB?
  • 11:37 Ricardo: What should I do when I say to a new customer “no, you should not be partitioning that fact table. It’s not helping with the overnight load”. But they ignore me and continue to have problems (My default reaction is to silently fume).
  • 13:33 Netanel: What is your official jingle / song?
  • 14:11 Benji: Does table row / page compression affect SQL backup performance?
  • 15:28 Ralph N.: Do you know of any slick ChatGpt fact checking tools?
  • 16:26 Freyja: What is your opinion of using column store index on a temp table in a stored proc?
  • 17:25 Yitzhar: What is the best way to capture locks for a problematic stored procedure when you are asleep?
  • 19:05 Rufus: Does Data Warehouse vendor typically drive reporting software choice or vice versa?
  • 20:23 Karthik K: Hello Brent, My friend is trying to create new NCI on CCI(Clustered Columnstore) table having other NCIs, sometimes it generated sub-optimal plan for the index creation part taking too much time. Is there way to influence the optimizer like providing trace flags? Pls suggest
  • 21:49 Tonio: HI Brent, Is there a good way to estimate how much memory a SQL Server instance running OLTP workloads needs? Any easy calculation based on database sizes, biggest tables, etc.? I have customers who insist that 16 GB memory is good for their 500 GB DB and have performance issues.
  • 24:09 Replicant: Been years since I’ve used replication, avoided as much as possible, how is it in new versions of SQL. Would you use it?
  • 25:08 Denish Patel: Power BI freeze the SQL whenever it fetch the full data, is there any effective way to solve such large data grabbing operations on database which also have lots of INSERT operations.
  • 25:44 Don’t Bother Asking (DBA): Hi Brent, Have any clients approached you regarding the implementation of CICD with a database in the pipeline? I mean automating integration/deployment of database changes alike application changes (bugfixes/updates) using CICD tools. What is your catch with such requirement?
  • 27:25 Hany : Hi Brent, Trying to look for a Lifetime Access payment option for Level 2 Bundle (All your Fundamentals & Mastering classes plus SQL ConstantCare and the Consultant Toolkit), couldn`t find it, only One Year Access is available, is it possible to add it? Thanks, Hany
  • 28:16 Bocephus: Can you show us how you like to use dual monitors with SSMS?
  • 29:01 Tonio: Is there any feature of Oracle Database that you wish SQL Server had? Also Thanks for the previous question’s answer 🙂
  • 30:02 Piotr: What is your opinion on naming and nesting of CTEs?
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  • Tonio: Is there any feature of Oracle Database that you wish SQL Server had?


  • Something I historically wanted in SQL server that oracle had was multiple temp databases, but I haven’t had the problems I used to have with TempDB since I started removing end user access to instances and pretty much banned excel ‘reports’.

    Bigger statistics would still be nice I think

  • By the time I read the email, the video is not available. Ant chance it can be online for a few extra hours?


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