[Video] Office Hours: Black Friday Edition


My Black Friday sale is in its last days, so most of my time at the moment is spent keeping an eye on the site and answering customer questions. I’m happy to say it’s our best year so far, too! Y’all really like the new access-for-life options.

I took a break from the online frenzy to check in on the questions you posted at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and answer the highest-voted ones:

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:30 Marian: The database that my company developed for over 20 years has a lot design problems, with very obvious normalization and performance issues. The business approach is keep fixing whatever issues are and will appear. Would you rather recommend developing a new one, or keep fixing?
  • 02:53 George : Hi Brent, I’m a sql dev /learning performance dba (enthusiastic amateur). We have an external consultant who has stated that sql server is self tuning and reevaluates after 3 runs. I cannot find anything about this online, do you have any idea of what they might mean?
  • 04:05 ChiHarley: Microsoft is pushing my client to activate the SQL IaaS Extension on their Azure VMs. Do you like to enable the extension, or do you have an opinion on it?
  • 05:42 Brentosaur: How about creating “Funtamentals of Locks and Blocking” classes? I would love to watch them
  • 06:31 Carlo: Hi Brent, any updates regarding the problem of ‘AlwaysOn’ cluster errors due to heart-beat timeout based on Veeam VM snapshots? Thanks!
  • 07:36 Jessica: Hey brent, have you recently done a talk on / know a good recent talk on youtube for setting up Log Shipping for DR? Its been a while since the last time I had to deal with it (2008R2 in 2012 or so) and wanted to make sure there aren’t any new gotchas
  • 08:20 Cassian: How do you know if auto growth events are benign or problematic?
  • 09:33 Double espressos for breakfast: Hi Brent – love all that you have done for the SQL community. You’re clearly a bright guy and could do anything you put your mind to. Why did you choose database administration of all things?
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