[Video] Office Hours: Speed Round Edition


I took a break from my Black Friday sale customer support emails to check in on the questions you posted at https://pollgab.com/room/brento and answer the highest-voted ones:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:15 Meshulam: What are the top use cases for running SQL Server in a container? Do many of your customers run SQL Server in a container?
  • 00:28 Eduardo: Do you also help customers migrate from SQL Server to PostgreSQL?
  • 00:39 RoJo: We have an AG secondary in Async mode, that gets behind due to Index rebuilds at night. Should I be concerned? I’d like to move to Sync mode, but not sure what would happen with the Index rebuild. DB is 1TB.
  • 01:01 Candy: What is your opinion of trace flag 834 (large memory pages) for possible performance gains? Running bare metal SQL 2019 enterprise / 512gb RAM.
  • 01:36 Monkey: You mentioned that SQL Server does not phone home Microsoft to check whether license key is already used on another server. Why do you think Microsoft allows that?
  • 02:00 Haydar: Have any of your clients been fined big $$$$ for improper SQL licensing?
  • 02:08 Jack: Our codebase has (NOLOCK) statements everywhere. I’m certain that most were added by devs thinking that it means “don’t cause any blocking.” Would switching to RCSI mode allow us to remove those hints?
  • 02:20 DBA Champion: If company wants to have 3 SQL Servers 2022 on-prem (Ent. Ed.) with over 99.9% uptime, and use them 3-5 years straight, would it be money saving to use new pay-as-you-go billing model, or it will be cheaper to buy three EE licenses once and use them instead?
  • 02:58 franklwambo: Who is the Brent Ozar for all things MYSQL production database support and query tuning
  • 03:11 New folder: How do PostgreSQL scaling options compare with SQL Server?
  • 03:27 Ricardo: Would you rather work remotely (again) from Iceland or a cruise ship?
  • 04:00 David: Who is the Brent Ozar of SSRS?
  • 04:06 Luthen: How often do you recommend checking the suspect_pages table?
  • 04:21 Negative Max: What was your favorite PASS session this year?
  • 04:49 Syril Karn: Would you consider teaching an “Unmastering top SQL anti-patterns” course?
  • 06:38 Mr. SqlSeeks: What would be the determining factor(s) to suggest a client use Azure Data Factory (or Databricks) for their data warehouse as opposed to SQL Server?
  • 07:16 NotCloseEnough2RetirementToStopLearning: Hi Brent, just got a Data Architecture job. I think a key to success will be being more well read about technology\data trends. Typically, my reading has been problem-solution stuff. What do you read or subscribe to for staying up on larger technology trends outside SQL Server?
  • 07:53 Todd : What is your opinion on using things like VEEAM for databases over 500 GB? Clients seem to be married to it, but t-logs keep growing. For this size, is it better to use traditional SQL backups and get VEEAM to backup the VM drives?
  • 08:16 Dopinder: Is DBA a recession proof tech job?
  • 08:49 franklwambo: I have worked with maintenance plans and Windows batch script to perform full and differential SQL server backups prior, both with trusted connections. In your experience, what approach would you tread for the other, especially on matters security.
  • 09:13 Sigrún: One of the older DB’s on our SQL 2019 server has two transaction log files for some unknown reason. Both files on the same volume but one file has autogrow while the other doesn’t. Is there any risk / performance gotcha’s in continuing with two log files vs one?
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