[Video] Office Hours: Back Live on Twitch Again


After I stopped selling live classes, I took some time off all live broadcasting period. It was a nice couple of months over the holidays, had a good time with the family, and now I’m starting to fire up my Twitch channel again.

I’m not setting a schedule yet, just broadcasting when I have time available, so if you want to get alerted when I start streaming, subscribe to that channel and turn on notifications.

Here are the questions we discussed:

  • 00:00 Start
  • 06:17 JimLic: In moving to new physical servers with virtual disks which are claimed to be ‘better’ than our old physical disks, replicas are showing super slow redo queues. What is the importance of block size across replicas? Anything we configuration with SQL and/or disk? Any Tests?
  • 08:20 Chris Stoll: Do you have any resources/tips on a new dba needing to inventory the servers/instances/databases at a company? I have around 30 servers that I want to start documenting that currently have 0 physical documentation. Thanks Brent!
  • 09:54 Mike: I’ve never used a Mac nor Azure Data Studio. Will Mac and ADS be enough to perform my DBA duties, or should I restrain to Windows and SSMS due to ADS missing something important?
  • 10:55 TK_Bruin: Yo Brent! What would you say are the top 2 or 3 functions or features that SQL Server has added over the last 5 years that have been the most transformative or promising in terms of business benefits?
  • 13:18 Ted Striker: Any tips or gotchas when tuning queries that use OpenQuery to run a remote OleDB SQL query?
  • 14:21 Roger Murdock: What are the best/ worst filegroup design strategies you see in the wild?
  • 15:48 chandwich: Hey Brent. I just completed your Fundamentals of and Mastering classes, but I haven’t applied it all directly to my job yet. How would you recommend I show this off on my resume?
  • 17:00 Dru: When default invocation of sp_whoisactive takes 3.5 minutes to produce a resultset, what is the first thing you would look for in those results?
  • 17:38 Nick12: Hi Brent. How’s your week? Is there a way to avoid an eager spool for the halloween problem in a simple UPDATE query that sets a column to a fixed non-null value and filters for that column being null?
  • 20:56 Wren: Would you recommend using a surrogate key similar to a row-id (autoincrement integer) even if there is a usable unique PK column in a table?
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  • “What are the best/ worst filegroup design strategies you see in the wild?”

    The mind boggles. I guess that justifies putting some on slower/faster disk?

    You need a “Best War Stories” edition similar to the one on The Daily WTF.

  • Brent,

    Thie resurrection of your Twitch channel, which I have never visited before, has left me both confused and despondent, Allow me to explain why:

    – I have been eagerly following your daily Monday – Thursday answers to questions posted on your pollgab site, including an occasional on from me. Has that now come to an end and? As I write this your daily mail of answers would promptly arrive Mon – Thu at noon EST. Today, for the first time, no such mail arrived;

    – I went to the Twitch site and created a username and password. After login I was presented with a page full of games applications to choose from as my interest(s). I have no interest in games. Is Twitch only for gamers? That’s about my confusion.

    – How are you going to answer questions posted and upvoted on pollgab? Or, has that been dis-continued? That’s where the despondency comes in.

    • 1. I don’t always blog every weekday. Blog posts usually (but not always) get posted Tues/Weds/Thurs – some weeks, it’s different days.

      2. I’m going to be brutally honest: you can Google that and respect both of our time.

      3. It has not been discontinued. I’m not even sure where you’re getting that. C’mon, JPS, work with me here.


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