Attention Live Class Season Pass Holders: New Mastering Parameter Sniffing Videos Available!

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Time to get your learn on: this week’s Mastering Parameter Sniffing class recordings are already available in your account here if you’ve got a Live Class Season Pass. (What’s that? You don’t have one yet? Well, tell you what: click here and I’ll make you a special deal.)

Just to give you a taste, the first module, How Index Tuning Reduces the Blast Radius, is free to watch through this weekend:

(Videos can’t be embedded in the email newsletter or RSS feeds – if you’re reading there, click here to watch the video.)

I bet you’ve sat in boring webcasts before where you can’t see the speaker, they’ve got a really tinny microphone with all kinds of booming echoes, and there’s no interactivity between you and Charlie Brown’s parents on the other side of the screen. My sessions are the opposite of that: super interactive, high quality info, and high quality delivery. I think it’s even better than classroom sessions because folks are often more comfortable typing in questions, sharing demo code that they want me to try, and even multi-tasking – keeping the live session up while they’re doing other things.

The next Season Pass rotation starts June 16th.
Wanna get weeks of training for $995?

My Live Class Season Pass holders always get free access to any of my live online classes and their recordings – including new stuff like this one that I bring out during the course of your subscription. You don’t even have to register: you can just drop in on any of these when your schedule permits:

Here’s the order I recommend taking ’em in so you’re not overwhelmed:

  • Fundamentals: Indexes, then Queries, then Parameter Sniffing
  • Mastering: Indexes, (optional: Parameter Sniffing), then Queries, then Server Tuning

The very next rotation starts next Tuesday, June 15. You can take the above classes in order, and by September, your tuning skills will be absolutely next-level. Plus, your learning isn’t done there: you can keep dropping in on my live classes and watching the recordings again all year long, picking up things you missed.

Level up your skills now for just $995. See you in class!

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