Fundamentals of Index Tuning

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You’re comfortable writing T-SQL queries, and now you want to make ’em faster – without changing the queries themselves.

In this one-day course, you’ll learn:

  • How to design indexes for a query without looking at its execution plan
  • How to pick the order of keys in an index
  • How query parameter values can change which index is better
  • Where to find index recommendations using query plans, DMVs, and sp_BlitzIndex
  • How SQL Server’s index recommendations are built, and why they’re often wrong

Note: this course does not cover columnstore, In-Memory OLTP, XML, or spatial indexes. (Nothing against those – they’re just beyond fundamentals.)


This is a live online class – but you have two buying choices:

  • Instant Replay Recordings Only – you can start streaming the Instant Replay recordings as soon as you buy. You don’t have to wait for a live class – you can start learning immediately using the recording from the most recent class. You can watch for a year straight.
  • Live Class + Instant Replay – not only do you get instant access to the most recent recordings, but you can also attend all of the live deliveries of this class for 12 months after you buy your ticket. Read the live class logistics page. Here are the upcoming dates scheduled so far:

11 reviews for Fundamentals of Index Tuning

  1. susan.dallegro (verified owner)

    Excellent class! I have taken several live webinar classes over the years and Brent’s class felt the most like an actual classroom. The material was presented in a logical manner. The instruction was clear and the labs were very helpful to reinforce the concepts. Brent is a very entertaining and dynamic instructor and makes the subject matter fun. He encourages class interaction via slack so we all got the benefit of each others’ questions and input. Brent was able to field many questions quickly by answering immediately or providing links to good resources if the question was outside the scope of the class.

  2. Stephen Cantrell (verified owner)

    I love the way Brent presents his classes. He takes a technical subject that could devolve into dryness and captivates the class with his unique approach to teaching. His subject matter expertise is amazing, and he knows how to convey his knowledge. Including demos in his lectures keeps the class fully engaged, and his labs are challenging but not overwhelming. His easy-to-follow format can be used in almost every indexing work situation. I finished the class with practical knowledge that I can immediately apply to my work.

  3. Kevon Houghton (verified owner)

    As someone who is only nominally familiar with the inner workings of SQL server, and who does not spend ANY time writing or maintaining indexes, this course was an eye-opener. For me, the pace was VERY fast, but the quality of the information, and the presentation style was engaging and entertaining. I would recommend this course to anyone who has to do anything in SQL server.

  4. Joe McBratnie (verified owner)

    Learning and entertainment. Ok I am passionate about the subject. I learned a lot and will be able to put it into action with a little less stumbling. My role role is primarily operational but we to head more into the tuning side so this was a great fresher. And helps me use the consultant tool kit. Look forward to the next class.

  5. Ricardo Diaz (verified owner)

    Great class, great teacher! Brent knows the stuff inside out, and can explain it very naturally. And on top of that, he can sing too!!

    Thanks Brent! Looking forward to more.

  6. Marjorie Lancaster

    Very well done – learned a lot! The labs are especially helpful for understanding the material.

  7. Robin Forest (verified owner)

    Loved the class and how Brent presents it. He answers random questions without skipping a beat and the scripts being prewritten make it effortless to follow and pay attention to the details as Brent dives in. Would recommend to anyone who works with tsql!

  8. Shanmugam Senthivel

    Fantastic class! It is very hard to not to get bored on these subjects (for that matter any technical videos/blog post/books), but Brent keeps this interesting (who else can do it!).

    Sample database and lab queries are spot on, it will light fire for anyone to be better at performance tuning. You will feel confident when you have performance issues in your environment (what you can do and what you cannot do) .

  9. johntucker (verified owner)

    Great class, very happy I purchased. I had more than one “Aha!” moment. Brent takes time to answer questions as they come up while still maintaining a great pace. My only complaint is he doesn’t know how to pronounce “GIF”… IT’S LIKE JIFF FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!

  10. Greg Wahl (verified owner)

    Awesome class. Love the way you presented it.

  11. Charlie Arehart (verified owner)

    Another great addition to the stable of classes from Brent and company, this one bridges the gap between the free 90-minute “thinking like the engine” and the 3-day “mastering index tuning”.

    But be sure to read the prerequisites for the course, which include watching that very “thinking like the engine” course, as there are aspects of what’s discussed in this class that do presume you’ve heard what’s discussed there.

    And both classes presume you will have downloaded the StackOverflow database (which is a gig in size minimum). Since the class hits the ground running, you don’t to be trying to do that, as well as join the Slack group for the class, as it’s proceeding.

    With those admin details out of the way, you’re then off to the races with Brent as he helps you see and think through the implications of various index creation and tuning topics.

    Working with the real data of the SO database, in labs that you are to do at points through the day, you should be able to readily translate what you learn here into improvements in your own environment. Or you can proceed to the “mastering” class, if you want still more nuts and bolts, and more Ozar goodness. Maybe you’ll even earn an emoji or two in the slack channel during the class. 🙂

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