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Season passes are great for people who want to cram in a lot of learning, all year long. You get access to all of my live online classes for one year from your date of purchase, including:

Each of the above classes is held a few times per year, so you can find a set of dates that work for you.

You can watch recordings all year with Instant Replay – as soon as you purchase, and for the next 365 days, you can watch recorded versions of these classes via online streaming. Brush up on stuff you missed or revisit your favorite topics. It’s the best of both worlds: live training with me, plus reminders. Start your learning right away!

In the classes, you’ll need your own SQL Server if you want to follow along with the hands-on labs and demos. Here’s how to set up your own VM to follow along. We recommend a 4-8 core VM, 32-64GB RAM, and definitely solid state storage. (You’ll be repeatedly restoring the 200GB Stack Overflow backups between labs, and you want that restore to finish within 15 minutes – that’s a good gauge of the performance required in order to do the labs themselves.) If you want us to build you a VM during the live classes, we have a separate Live Class Season Pass With VMs for that.

The fine print:

  • Season Passes are sold per-person, and cannot be shared between team members.
  • Season passes apply only to my online classes, not in-person events like conferences.
  • For info on how to attend, ask questions, and the right order to attend classes in, read my live class logistics page.

Bert Wagner of SQL with Bert attended one of our Mastering classes with hands-on labs, and here’s what he said about the quality of the labs and how our online classes are so different:

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