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Season passes are great for people who want to cram in a lot of learning, all year long. You get access to all of Brent’s live online classes for one year from your date of purchase, including:

Each of the above classes is held a few times per year, so you can find a set of dates that work for you.

These are online classes – I host it in GoToWebinar, live with me on webcam, taking questions in Slack as we go through the material together. Audio can come through either your computer audio, or by dialing into a US phone number – headset recommended either way. For more information, check out the Training Logistics PDF for our online classes.

You can watch recordings all year with Instant Replay – as soon as you purchase, and for the next 365 days, you can watch recorded versions of these classes via online streaming. Brush up on stuff you missed or revisit your favorite topics. It’s the best of both worlds: live training with me, plus reminders. Start your learning right away!

You can choose to skip the lab VM – in the Mastering classes, I alternate between lectures and hands-on lab assignments. If you’re willing to build your own lab VM, you can save a ton of money. Just make sure you’ve got access to a SQL Server 2016 or newer with 4-8 CPU cores, 32-64GB RAM, and at least 600GB of free SSD space. Here’s how to set up your own lab workstation.

The fine print:

  • A Season Pass includes up to 2 sessions of each class. If you want to attend a class a 3rd or 4th time in one year, you can, but there will be a $100 fee to cover your VM. (We give you folks nice fast virtual machines so you can rapidly test different indexes, file configs, etc.)
  • Season Passes are sold per-person, and cannot be shared between team members. For groups, check out our Team Membership.
  • Season passes apply only to Brent’s online classes, not in-person events like conferences.

Once your account has the Live Class Season Pass membership, you can register for the included classes for free. (If someone else bought the membership for you – like if the buyer’s email doesn’t match the student’s email – we have a little bit of manual work to do behind the scenes to set up your account.)

To register, log in, then go to the list of eligible classes, add the class/date you want to your cart, and check out at least 2 days before the class starts. If you see anything about putting in a credit card, STOP, and make sure you’re logged in with the student’s account. No money should be changing hands here. Well, unless you wanna tip us, but in that case we’d suggest tequila, or XL t-shirts from your place of employment.

Cheating is a bad idea. If you try to register someone else, we will catch you when we audit the list the night before class, and we’ll have to send you a really sad email. (Trust me, I have to do this a few times a year. It’s stunning that people think they can still get away with that in the age of databases, but whatever.)

As soon as you’ve registered for one of the classes, you can start watching its Instant Replay recordings by clicking Training at the top of the site. You’re absolutely welcome to start watching the videos before your class – it can help you get up to speed early, and help you re-absorb the material better during the live class, and ask better questions, too.

There are plenty of seats for Season Pass holders – don’t worry about registering ahead of time if you’re not sure if you’ll be in a class. The Season Pass gets you free entry into each class up to 2 times. (You can even attend a class more times than that, but then there’s a $100 fee to cover your VM.) Don’t panic and try to register for every class – there’s plenty of space for you, and once set, you don’t get a refund if you have to switch dates. (I have to rent your VMs in advance for dates, so if you don’t show up for a class, it doesn’t really matter – that money is gone.) When in doubt, wait it out – you can always register the week before a class. If it looks like a class is sold out, just shoot us an email and we’ll add a spot for you.

I would recommend doing the Mastering Indexes class first, then Mastering Query Tuning, then finally Mastering Server Tuning. That’s why I run the classes in that order, too – they alternate months 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. If you have to take ’em out of order, that’s okay – it’s just that in the Query Tuning class, I’m going to assume that you’ve already mastered the index tuning portion, so there will be some parts of the class that won’t make as much sense.

Bert Wagner of SQL with Bert attended one of our Mastering classes with hands-on labs, and here’s what he said about the quality of the labs and how our online classes are so different:

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