How I Use the First Responder Kit

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You’ve downloaded sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzIndex, and sp_BlitzCache from the First Responder Kit, and you’ve run them a few times. You know there’s a ton of advice in there, but…it’s kinda overwhelming. Where should you even start? What should you tackle first? Are there parameters that would help diagnose your specific situation?

In this one-day course, I’ll walk you through running them on your production server, and we’ll interpret your results together.

Here’s what we’ll cover in class:

  • You’ll run sp_Blitz to do a server-wide health check
  • You’ll run sp_BlitzFirst to look at your server’s wait stats and storage throughput since it started up
  • You’ll graph the server’s performance over time with the Power BI Dashboard for DBAs
  • You’ll run sp_BlitzCache to find the queries causing your top wait types, using my favorite parameters for deeper diagnosis and trending
  • You’ll run sp_BlitzIndex to diagnose the most urgent indexing issues specifically related to your top wait types
  • You’ll write up a report to hand off to the rest of your team about what you learned about your server today, and what actions everyone needs to take in order to see a performance boost

Throughout the day, as you have questions about the data you’re seeing, you can post screenshots in the class’s Slack channel and get advice from me (and the rest of the students!) You’ll learn not just from your own questions, but also from the data that the other students are sharing about challenges they’re facing, too.

This course is 100% demos: the only slides are the introductions at the start of the day, and the recap at the end of the day. The rest of the time, we’ll be working in SQL Server Management Studio. Roll up your sleeves and join me!


  • You need sysadmin (SA) level access on one production SQL Server (not Azure SQL DB or Amazon RDS for this particular class.) This class simply doesn’t focus on development servers, full stop: this is about making performance better, and to see why it’s bad, you’ve gotta run diagnostic queries on the production instance.
  • Install the First Responder Kit scripts (at minimum, use the Install Core Scripts file.)
  • Install the Agent job to log performance data to tables every 15 minutes at least one day before the class (a week is even better)

In a one-day class, I can’t teach you how to fix every problem on your server – that’s where our Fundamentals and Mastering classes come in. In this class, I’m focusing on how to use these scripts to find the problems, then write a good health and performance report. You won’t be handing me queries or tables to fix, but instead, I’m going to show you how to prove – with data, not feelings – where the problems are, and what you should focus on first.

This is a live online class – but you have two buying choices:

3 reviews for How I Use the First Responder Kit

  1. Tejinderpal Mand (verified owner)

    This class was very helpful to understand the best use of First Responder Kit. During the training you are able to see what issues other people are facing and it helps you learn bigger spectrum of potential issues and how to resolve them.

  2. jen.hutchinson (verified owner)

    This class was so helpful. It was a great way to learn about the tools and get comfortable running them. The pace was good and the breaks were a helpful length. I could try things out and get a coffee without feeling swamped. The content level was just right too. By the end of the day, I had a plan of what I wanted to implement and how I was going to use the information without that exhausted after a long day feeling. So great to learn and integrate. I’m still in in awe that these tools are free and maintained. It makes such a difference to my work. Thank you Brent!

  3. Michael Devor (verified owner)

    This class was extremely helpful. I have already gone though the fundamentals once and mastering indexing but this class gave me a better understanding of the tools available to focus my attention vs being overwhelmed by all the possibilities. The speed and detail were really good and being ask questions and get answers in real time was a nice plus. Now I have to sign up for all the other classes.

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