Do You Have Tables In Your Tables?

This Isn’t A Trick Question Hopefully it’ll get you thinking about your tables, and how they’re designed. One of the most consistent problems I see with clients is around wide tables. I don’t mean data types, I mean the number of columns. Going back to Michael Swart’s 10% Rule, if your tables have > 100…
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A Query That Should Be Contradicted

Innocent Enough I was writing another query, and became enamored with the fact that HAVING will accept IS NULL or IS NOT NULL as a predicate. What I ended up writing as an example was this query: Transact-SQL SELECT v.PostId, SUM(v.UserId) AS whatever FROM dbo.Votes AS v WHERE v.UserId IS NULL GROUP BY v.PostId HAVING…
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Election Injection

Setting politics aside (Lord knows I’d like to), this ABC 7 Chicago news story covers how Russians hacked the Illinois State Board of Election in 2016: SQL, an acronym for Structured Query Language, is a database programming language. An “SQL injection” is a common piece of cyber-trickery used to illegally gain access to government, financial,…
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A Quirk In Parallel Hash Join Plans

Bailing, Takes Me Away Both of these queries will return zero rows, in the 2010 version of the Stack Overflow database. Transact-SQL SELECT COUNT(*) AS records FROM dbo.Votes AS v JOIN dbo.Posts AS p ON v.UserId = p.OwnerUserId WHERE v.CreationDate >= '2011-01-01'; SELECT COUNT(*) AS records FROM dbo.Votes AS v JOIN dbo.Posts AS p ON…
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