This Week, Fundamentals of Query Tuning Classes are Free!

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Every weekday during the month of October, one of the modules from my Fundamentals classes will be absolutely free to watch. But you gotta watch it that day – you snooze, you lose.

This week is Fundamentals of Query Tuning. Last week’s class had hands-on labs you had to follow, but this week’s doesn’t. You’re welcome to follow along with the demos, though, and if you want to do that, you’ll need the same setup as last week: SQL Server 2017 or newer, with the most recent Cumulative Update, the most recent SQL Server Management Studio, and the 50GB Stack Overflow 2013 database (10GB 7z file, extracts with 7-zip.)

Make sure to keep up – next week, we’ve got Fundamentals of Columnstore coming fast & furious.

These are recordings of live classes. In the live class, the questions & chat take place over Slack. You don’t need to join the Slack – I only monitor that chat room during the live classes. (I’m on vacation in New York at the moment, heh.)

Eagle-eyed readers will note that this isn’t all of the modules from each class, nor is it all of my Fundamentals classes. That’s because this whole thing is a diabolical mind trick, dear reader. I aim to get you hooked on the quality of my online training, and then come November 1st, when my annual Black Friday sale starts, you’ll be ready to get out your wallet – or your boss’s wallet – to get a Recorded Class Season Pass: Fundamentals, or Mastering, or the Level 2 Bundle when they go on sale.

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  • Hi Brent, what time do these tick over into the new day, I’m in Australia waiting for the next one to drop?

    • Based on the previous thread, this is manual. Sometimes the courses are opened ahead of time (yay). Personally I just check two-three times per day whenever I have the time. It’s a free offering and the individual modules are not that long. I see this more of a preview with no guarantees, those that need them, can opt for the one-year pass or lifetime 🙂

  • Looks like it might be an issue with Teachable

    From the above link: “Unresolved incident: High latency on Teachable pages.”

  • I’m just getting “Gateway time-out” when I click todays link. 🙁


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