Finding Froid’s Limits: Testing Inlined User-Defined Functions

This week, I’ve been writing about how SQL Server 2019’s bringing a few new features to mitigate parameter sniffing, but they’re more complex than they appear at first glance: adaptive memory grants, air_quote_actual plans, and adaptive joins. Today, let’s talk about another common cause of wildly varying durations for a single query: user-defined functions. Scalar…
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You know what your deadlock graphs need? Animation.

In SQL Server Management Studio, plain ol’ deadlock graphs look like this: Two thumbs down, would not lock the dead again BOOOOO-RING. That’s why I prefer opening deadlock graphs in SentryOne Plan Explorer, which presents a much better visual in the form of a circle…a circle, let’s just stop there: Deadlock graph in SentryOne Plan…
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Tuning Dynamic SQL by Hand with Short Circuits

When we think about building dynamic SQL, we usually think about a stored procedure like this that takes input parameters, builds a string, and then executes that string. Here’s a simple example: Transact-SQL CREATE OR ALTER PROC dbo.usp_SearchUsers @SearchDisplayName NVARCHAR(40) = NULL, @SearchLocation NVARCHAR(100) = NULL, @SearchReputation INT = NULL AS BEGIN DECLARE @StringToExecute NVARCHAR(4000);…
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When Does SARGability Matter Most?

!erehT iH I know what you’re thinking. Another post about how you should just never do this one thing and all your queries will magically end up faster. Just watch the video.   For more reading, check out these posts: Sargability: Why %string% Is Slow Optional Parameters and Missing Index Requests Computed Columns: Reversing Data…
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No longer uses the index

Do Functions Stop You From Using Indexes?

Say I’ve got a function in my WHERE clause: Transact-SQL SELECT DisplayName FROM dbo.Users WHERE LTRIM(RTRIM(DisplayName)) = 'Brent Ozar'; 123 SELECT DisplayName  FROM dbo.Users  WHERE LTRIM(RTRIM(DisplayName)) = 'Brent Ozar'; If I have an index on DisplayName, will SQL Server use it? Sure: Function in the WHERE clause Even though SQL Server can’t seek to “Brent Ozar,” it will…
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