A Surprising Simplification Limitation

When It Comes To Simplification Rob Farley has my favorite material on it. There’s an incredible amount of laziness ingenuity built into the optimizer to keep your servers from doing unnecessary work. That’s why I’d expect a query like this to throw away the join: Transact-SQL SELECT COUNT(u.Id) FROM dbo.Users AS u JOIN dbo.Users AS…
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Can Non-SARGable Predicates Ever Seek?

Cheating At Candy Crush The short answer is that yes, they can. But only with a little extra preparation. Before I show you what I mean, we should probably define what’s not SARGable in general. Wrapping columns in functions: ISNULL, COALESCE, LEFT, RIGHT, YEAR, etc. Evaluating predicates against things indexes don’t track: DATEDIFF(YEAR, a_col, b_col),…
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Demoing Latch Waits with Stupid Tricks

Say you’ve got PAGELATCH_UP or PAGELATCH_EX waits, and you’re wondering what might be causing ’em. I’m going to keep the brutally simple approach of building a stored procedure to simply dump hard-coded values into a table at high speed. I don’t want to select from other tables since they might introduce some other types of…
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Stupid T-SQL Tricks

Presented without comment: Transact-SQL CREATE TABLE dbo.[FROM] ([SELECT] INT, [WHERE] INT, [LIKE] INT); GO SELECT [SELECT] FROM [FROM] WHERE [WHERE] LIKE [LIKE]; GO 1234 CREATE TABLE dbo.[FROM] ([SELECT] INT, [WHERE] INT, [LIKE] INT);GOSELECT [SELECT] FROM [FROM] WHERE [WHERE] LIKE [LIKE];GO Next up, can you break up a query with spaces? Yep: Transact-SQL SELECT * FROM…
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Trivial Plans, Simple Parameterization and Check Constraints

Trivial Plans Are Weird They’re the optimizer’s “Yes, Dear”.  The thing is, sometimes “Yes, Dear” can miss some important details. Cost based decisions about operators Potential index improvements Contradiction detection for check constraints Simple parameterization, according to… uh… Official Microsoft documentation? Can only occur in a Trivial Plan. Which makes sense. Simple parameterization is considered…
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sp_BlitzLock showing deadlocks

How to Create Deadlocks and Troubleshoot Them

Watch in awe and wonder as I create a deadlock, then use sp_BlitzLock after the fact to show you which queries and tables were involved: Here are the scripts to run in the left hand window: Transact-SQL CREATE TABLE dbo.Lefty (Numbers INT PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED); INSERT INTO dbo.Lefty VALUES (1), (2), (3); CREATE TABLE dbo.Righty…
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