Two Code Patterns That Don’t Virtualize Well

Virtualization used to be a really Big Deal™ for database admins: we had to do a lot of careful planning to get a virtualization project done right. These days, virtualization is more and more of a no-brainer: most apps make the transition just fine. Every now and then, though, an exception pops up – usually…
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Computed Columns: Reversing Data For Easier Searching

During Training We were talking about computed columns, and one of our students mentioned that he uses computed columns that run the REVERSE() function on a column for easier back-searching. What’s back-searching? It’s a word I just made up. The easiest example to think about and demo is Social Security Numbers. One security requirement is…
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SQL Server 2017 CU3 adds tempdb spill diagnostics in DMVs and Extended Events

Where have you been all my life? Whenever I’m teaching people about query tuning, two things come up almost without fail: parameter sniffing and tempdb spills. They’re not mutually exclusive — some queries will seemingly always spill to tempdb, whether parameter sniffing is present of not, and some queries experiencing issues with parameter sniffing will never spill…
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SQL Server 2017 CU3 adds CXCONSUMER waits, doesn’t mention it

The revolution will not be documented At the PASS 2017, Pedro Lopes (don’t call him low-pez) from Microsoft mentioned that a new parallelism wait was getting added soon. That wait, if you’re too darn tootin’ lazy to click, is called CXCONSUMER. According to Pedro’s slide, but not the ENTIRELY MISSING DOCUMENTATION, this wait is the…
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sp_BlitzQueryStore: A Gentle Introduction

Odds and ends During the precon, we asked how many people were on 2016, how many people were aware of query store, how many people were using it, and how many people were using sp_BlitzQueryStore. About 1/3 of the hands went up at first, then for each successive question, fewer and fewer hands stayed up.…
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Partition Level Locking: Explanations From Outer Space

It’s not that I don’t like partitioning It’s just that most of my time talking about it is convincing people not to use it. They always wanna use it for the wrong reasons, and I can sort of understand why. Microsoft says you can partition for performance. Partitioning large tables or indexes can have the…
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SQL Server Workarounds

360 Questions We’ve been asking you folks a lot about what you’d add to SQL Server, and we’ve gotten some great answers. There are even some that have been answered in the last couple versions of SQL Server. For instance, 2016 brought us STRING_SPLIT! SQL Server 2017 has a whole bunch of neat stuff: CONCAT_WS…
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