Announcing Weekend Versions of My Mastering Classes

Last week, I noticed that an awful lot of you were buying my Level 2 and Level 3 Bundles with your own personal money (not company cards), so I wondered – if your company wasn’t paying for it, were they giving you time off? So I polled to ask if you were interested in taking the Mastering classes over the weekend, and an overwhelming majority of you wanted weekend versions.

So here you go, the first weekend rotation:

To make your weekend learning easier, I’m compressing these down to 10AM-4PM Eastern time (rather than the normal 9AM-5PM time.) It won’t change the amount of content, but I’ll just make the bio and lunch breaks way shorter since you’ll be at home on Sat/Sun, and won’t have to deal with as much noise from your coworkers – although you WILL have that pesky home life to deal with.

How much will they cost?
That’s a good question.

Normally I’d want to charge a lot more for weekend work because frankly, I’d rather goof off on my weekends.

But on the flip side, I think you would rather goof off on your weekends too, and those of you who are buying this with your own cash – you would probably rather use your money for something else, too. You’re choosing to invest your weekend time and your personal money with me.

Live Class Season Pass 2018And that’s kinda humbling.

And I kinda wanna reward you for that, not penalize you for it.

So for now at least, during the Black Friday sale, the weekend classes are included in the Level 2 & Level 3 Bundles and the Live Class Season Pass, and they’re the same price as regular classes. After the Black Friday sale finishes, and based on how registration & attendance goes, I may revise that – I may no longer include the weekend classes in the season passes. For now though, pile on in!

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