So, uh, you can, like, draw me in SSMS.


Adrian Sullivan and Michael J. Swart have way too much time on their hands, because Adrian just posted this T-SQL gist, which draws … me:

Portrait in T-SQL

It uses the spatial results feature in SSMS. My mind is blown. I’m totally going to use that in a demo. Thanks, Adrian!

I’m already envisioning all kinds of crazy ways I could use this, like…if you completely pass sp_Blitz with flying colors, hahaha.

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  • That’s awesome, but I got this error when Always Encrypted was enabled: Line 1, column 1
    The current script is too large for Parameterization for Always Encrypted, please disable Parameterization for Always Encrypted in Query Options (Query > Query Options > Execution > Advanced). Maximum allowable length: 300000 characters, Current script length: 847259 characters

    • John – ok, give me a minute while I open the SQL Server source code and fix that for you.

      Oh wait I forgot. I’m not Microsoft! Silly me. I make that mistake all the time. My bad. When you hit a bug in SQL Server, your best bet is to work with the blue badge folks. 😉

  • Konstantin Taranov
    November 19, 2019 5:13 am

    Awesome work, fixed case-sensetive insance and add some formating in code (replace double spaces, aligen keywords, added semicolons)

  • Some might think this is a waste of time. But it got me to review the Spatial data types in Sql and do a review of Geography data type and functions. Thank you!

  • Great work


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