Performance Tuning in 21 Demos at the PASS Summit 2018

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Performance Tuning in 21 Demos

You’re a developer or DBA who wants to tune indexes and queries to make your application go faster. You don’t like learning by watching slides or reading white papers – you want to jump right into the code and see what happens. You’re the kind of person who loves watching YouTube videos that start with, “Hold my beer and watch this.”

In one demo-filled day with Brent Ozar and Erik Darling, you’ll see SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, and Azure Managed Instances make questionable lifestyle choices. The engine will wildly underestimate the work required with a query, pick the wrong indexes, and jump off the roof into the pool while holding the TV – all in an effort to deliver the right query results. We’ll show you how to coach the database engine into better performance and less problems.

Everybody will get their own USB flash drive to take home with the StackOverflow2013 database (just 50GB, so it’s easier to do the demos on smaller laptops), the demo scripts, and PDFs of the slides.

Attendees will also get 1 year of access to:

Our pre-con sold out with 360 attendees last year, and I heard from a lot of frustrated folks that couldn’t get in because they didn’t move fast enough. Don’t make that mistake again this year – go claim your spot now.

Check out the list of pre-cons, and then register quick.

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