You don’t go to a lot of job interviews, and you don’t really talk about what you do for a living. So how are you supposed to prepare for a job interview where you have one chance to answer questions?

It’s easy: you’ll watch a series of videos where I ask you technical questions, you pause the video and talk through your answer. Then, I will explain the kind of answer I was looking for, and what kinds of followup questions I’d have asked you.

You’ll finish with a good understanding of the kinds of common questions that get asked, and how you would have fared on those questions. It’ll help you discover what parts of the engine you’re strong on, and where you might need to focus your training next.

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In each session, I give you 10-20 questions, and you pause the video to give your own answer. Then, unpause, and I’ll talk about what I was looking for in your answer, and the kinds of followup questions I’d give.

The videos include:

  1. Core DBA questions (38 minutes) – things I think most DBAs should know
  2. Infrastructure DBA questions (19m) – hardware, storage, virtualization, Windows
  3. Development DBA questions (20m) – performance tuning queries and indexes
  4. Screenshot questions (13m) – I show you a screenshot, and you tell me what you see
  5. Open-ended questions (10m) – story-telling questions where I want you to talk about your experience and this job
  6. Bad DBA Job Detector Test (19m) – how to gauge your own goals first, then how to read a job description and understand whether it makes sense for you

That’s over two hours of focused interview prep.

Buy it and get that job now!

Your Progress So Far in This Class

This is driven by the mark-as-complete buttons in each module of the class. (Let’s be honest: you’re probably just going to mark them as complete because you’re that kind of student. I feel you.)