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You don’t go to a lot of job interviews, and you don’t really talk about what you do for a living. So how are you supposed to prepare for a job interview where you have one chance to answer questions?

It’s easy: you’ll watch a series of videos where I ask you technical questions, you pause the video and talk through your answer. Then, I will explain the kind of answer I was looking for, and what kinds of followup questions I’d have asked you.

You’ll finish with a good understanding of the kinds of common questions that get asked, and how you would have fared on those questions. It’ll help you discover what parts of the engine you’re strong on, and where you might need to focus your training next.

In each session, I give you 10-20 questions, and you pause the video to give your own answer. Then, unpause, and I’ll talk about what I was looking for in your answer, and the kinds of followup questions I’d give.

The videos include:

  1. Core DBA questions (23 minutes) – things I think most DBAs should know
  2. Infrastructure DBA questions (19m) – hardware, storage, virtualization, Windows
  3. Development DBA questions (20m) – performance tuning queries and indexes
  4. Screenshot questions (13m) – I show you a screenshot, and you tell me what you see
  5. Open-ended questions (10m) – story-telling questions where I want you to talk about your experience and this job
  6. Bad DBA Job Detector Test (19m) – how to gauge your own goals first, then how to read a job description and understand whether it makes sense for you

That’s almost two hours of focused interview prep. Let’s get started!

14 reviews for DBA Interview Question and Answer Kit


    Best one I learnt about this course is about DBA stories. I would give 70 for the technical questions part because questions are more of one liners and expected a bit more explanation of basics. Situational questions are good which truly test your skills. Overall a very good course. Only one negative is I thought questions would be way more tricky or difficult as this is from the most famous site and Sql evangelists.

  2. James Ziegmann

    My favorite thing to learn was to mot take my resume personally. The thing that surprised me the most was how easy they makes it look. I have recreated my resume and implemented some of the answers from the questions using Policy Based Management.

  3. Anna

    I am currently looking for a job, and this video has been very helpful in prepping and keeping things in perspective. As a result of it I have cleaned up my resume and feel better prepared to answer and ask questions during my next interviews. Thanks, your videos and tips are great! 🙂

  4. Tim

    The best part of this course are the 20 questions you should be asking your future employer after they have interviewed you and ask you if you have any questions. I would also add the question, Do they have monitoring tools, when are budgets made ( is it soon or 11 months away) and what is the budget for buying monitoring tools and other needed software. Also, how many levels of approval are needed to make this purchase and are there any other implediments to making this type of purchase?

  5. Iddris Admani

    Well presented and full of good information.

  6. Elliott

    Great course! I loved the test questions, and questions to ask they really get you thinking in the mind set that you need to interview.

  7. sonewillie@yahoo.Com

    Great Course ,but I want more of videos like this please it really helps

  8. Deepa Ram

    Thank you, the course included certain elements I expected and some I did not. It is useful and as usual you help drive the point across well. Loved the section on negotiation. I was hoping for more with the situational questions. The course is definitely value for money.

  9. Victor Hugo

    Great course. When we start our career after college/university we take any conditions as long as we get the job. When you’re on a senior level we’re more confident to negotiate and this course gives you awesome tips. Thanks.

  10. David

    Really great course. Thanks. The DBA Story approach made so much sense once you pointed it out. The ‘questions you should ask’ part was also a big help and really got me thinking. Now I feel ready to get a next-level job.

  11. Michael

    This video series will level up your interviewing skills.

  12. Craig Petrosky

    I used this course when interviewing for my current position. The tips are invaluable and allow you to organize the way in which you present yourself to potential employers. Being prepared to interview is priceless

  13. Lonnie

    An excellent course. As an older employee this covered many of the finer distinctions that set interviewees apart from the crowd. Many of these I had forgotten or didn’t know if they were still appropriate. Great advice about making your resume stand out from the rest by telling your DBA story. This was definitely worth the price!

  14. adam cassel

    I took this awesome interviewing class and after watching three times, taking notes, and going in a few “trial interviews”, noticed how much smoother and more connected and “on message I was”. Not only did I learn technical interviewing skills and Do’s and Don’ts, I re-learned several areas of SQL Server that I needed brushing up on, as well as some new material – just by taking and acting on the same Q&A included in the class. I then took out my new skills and interview technique, with a well re-hearses set of sample Q&Asfrom the class, and scored a nice contract with an asset management firm in downtown Biston – Win! Don’t walk, run and click to take this course if Winning The Job Offer is the game you’re in.

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