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SQL ConstantCare® allows you to be a SQL Server database expert, fast. We eliminate the confusion and ambiguity of advice: it’s about your server.

You get daily email advice: you send in your SQL Server’s metrics daily with our lightweight app. Our systems analyze the data and tell you specifically what actions to take to make your servers faster and more reliable. Then, when things quiet down and you don’t have urgent tactical tasks to perform, we quiet down and just send you Monday emails so you know we’re still getting your data.

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5 reviews for SQL ConstantCare®

  1. Tony Feuz (verified owner)

    We are a relatively small software shop located in Ontario Canada and for years we had struggled with the performance and maintenance of our SQL servers and our applications. After years of trusting Microsoft Database Tuning Adviser in combination with a team of developers that had just enough SQL knowledge to be dangerous we went down the path of engaging Brent and his team — by far the best decision we have ever made (around databases anyway ?).

    Fast forward to the present day where we learned of the constant care product offering and the ability to have a team of experts watching what we are doing and providing guidance and learning. It was a no brainer making this decision.

    The value we are getting for this service far outweighs the cost of the service even if it was just for a monitoring service. But wait, it is not just a monitoring service… it truly is mentoring. In addition to the daily notifications you can reach out and get guidance, in a timely manner, from Brent and his team. There have even been some cases where Brent has reached out and proactively prompted us to make changes outside of the daily emails that are sent.

    Even for those customers that have seasoned DBAs, at this cost, it would be silly not to have another set of experts double checking stuff….

  2. Jim Vogler (verified owner)

    SQL ConstantCare is a really cool offering!! I am a one-man DBA team, with multiple hats, so I don’t get to work on my SQL servers anywhere close to 100% of the time. This awesome service gives me the reminders I need to keep our SQL databases secure and healthy, and provides for daily updates of critical issues, and weekly notifications of all findings – on a server-by-server basis. I sleep better (literally) knowing Brent and his team are proactively identifying small issues before they become bigger issues, and that they are behind me if I need some direction or assistance on how to resolve something. I also get periodic “Good job!” emails from them telling me what I fixed on each server, which provides easy documentation to management about 1) what I’ve been working on and how each fix impacts performance, security, reliability, etc., and 2) how the SQL ConstantCare service is such a value-add to me and my organization. Seriously, I couldn’t be happier with this service!

  3. Tim Mackenzie

    This is the service that we’ve been waiting for. We’re a small team that wants to focus our energy on solutions for our customers and not on database configuration. Brent and his team help us know what to care about and how to prioritize. I highly recommend this service for a company of any size.

  4. Michael Stegmaier (verified owner)

    Hours after setting up a few servers to report stats, I got an email with a list of actionable steps to take on our servers. No matter how diligent I think I am as a DBA, it’s so nice to have another set of eyes to make sure I’m not missing something obvious, or not-so-obvious. I can’t believe someone hasn’t offered a service like this before.

  5. rkohler1 (verified owner)

    Brent suggested a VM configuration change that cut elapsed time by half for some of our common transactions. Constant Care is like having a wise uncle watching over my shoulder for anything I miss. Thanks, Uncle Brent!

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