Announcing my new Mastering class series – and registration opens Wednesday.

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We’ve talked about why traditional training suckshow our all-new series is different, and what our early-access students said.

Now it’s time to unveil the new lineup:

The new Mastering Series with Brent:

Registrations open Wednesday at Black Friday prices.

At 9AM Eastern, a limited number of seats in each class/date will be 50% off. That’s as low as it goes: we won’t be offering anything lower on Black Friday on these live courses. (Black Friday itself will be all about the Everything Bundle.)

First come, first serve, no coupon required. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Save thousands of dollars – but you gotta move fast.

Talk to your manager. Get those credit cards ready (no checks or POs during Black Friday), and I can’t wait to share the learning and games with you!

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