Here’s what our early-access students said about our new courses.

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While developing my new SQL Server training experiment, I ran an early-access version, and here’s what the students wrote:

Doug Gideon: “Amazing! It brought me to a whole new level of understanding of performance tuning. Don’t change a thing. The class was fun and the material was presented in an interesting way. I have taken many classes where by day 2 I was hoping for a SQL meltdown to get me out of the class. but not this one. It was great from beginning to end.”

Lori Halsey: “One of the best classes I’ve ever taken, esp. for advanced level learning.”

“Brent does not look as good as his illustrated avatar.”

Gaurang Patel: “That was incredible, and lots of real-world scenarios were included. All were superb.”

Kate Osenbach: “The class was great! I learned a lot and it was perfectly paced so I didn’t feel overwhelmed. Brent was so engaging that I felt like I was there! The most valuable thing I learned is how to think through/tackle finding and addressing a performance bottleneck.”

David Hicks: “I enjoyed it.  The way the material was presented was most helpful because there were lots of opportunities to try and put what we were learning into practice.  It wasn’t just lecture.”

Zaki Faheem: “It was awesome. I have learned a lot of new stuff which is 100% related to our current problems, seems like this course is specially designed to address the actual database problems which can probably cause issues.”

Stephen Mutzel: “It was very good.  Touched on topics I don’t work with on a regular basis.  Learned a lot and made me think about my current environment and how I could improve it.”

Tony Dunsworth: “It was very eye-opening and enlightening and I am glad I attended. You were tough on me when you needed to be and you were very supportive and encouraging.”

These weren’t free classes, either: these students paid to attend, and they were glowing with feedback. Many of ’em even wrote about which classes they wanted to attend next in the lineup.

Check out the new classes that they’re raving about.

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