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Potential Problems with Partitioning

Partitioning, SQL Server
Getting started with table partitioning is difficult; there are many decisions to make after you’ve decided to partition data. Correctly configuring partitioning is critical to the long term performance and stability of the database from both a querying and data modification standpoint. There are three key considerations that database architects should devote time to before…
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SQL Server Index Terms

Let’s have a chat about your indexes in SQL Server. Indexes can be confusing. They are the easiest way to boost performance of queries, but there are so many options and terms around indexes that it can be hard to keep track of them. Let’s chat about the differences between clustered and nonclustered indexes, key…
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Indexing for Deletes

Indexing, SQL Server
If you’re only indexing to make reads faster, you need to think again. Indexes can make every operation in the database faster, even deletes. The Problem: Deletes are Very Slow I was lazily researching new development techniques one day when I received an email from a client asking why deletes could be slow. I rattled…
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