Your 10 Favorite Blog Posts of 2016

Here’s the stuff you clicked on this year:

1. When Shrinking TempDB Just Won’t Shrink – Tara Kizer – If there’s two things you people love, it’s TempDB and shrinking databases. Pair the two of them together, and it’s like peanut butter and jelly.

2. Cheat Sheet: How to Configure TempDB for SQL Server – Brent Ozar – We kept getting this question over and over again during our Office Hours podcast, so presto.

3. SQL Server 2016 and the Internet: Forced Updates, Phoning Home – Brent Ozar – I didn’t make any friends at Microsoft when I broke this story, and the highly voted Connect item still hasn’t gotten an official response. I think Microsoft’s hoping nobody notices that SQL Server still phones home, and for some editions, you can’t turn it off.

4. SQL Server 2016 Installation Screenshot Tour – Brent Ozar – People love a quick walkthrough of things they don’t have the time to do themselves, so I do this whenever a new version drops.

5. Splitting Strings: SQL Server 2016 To The Rescue! – Erik Darling – Developers are gonna absolutely love STRING_SPLIT. 2016 had so many cool new delighters.

6. For Technical Interviews, Don’t Ask Questions. Show Screenshots. – Brent Ozar – My favorite interview technique, and it spawned a series of interview blog posts with screenshots.

7. HOLY COW. Amazon RDS SQL Server Just Changed Everything. – Brent Ozar – AWS’s Azure SQL DB competitor beat Microsoft to market with an easy way to import or export your data via simple native backups. (Microsoft still doesn’t have this.)

8. Microsoft SQL Server is Coming to Linux. – Brent Ozar – I get that a lot of the MVP community is wildly excited about this, but almost a year later, we still don’t have answers to most of the questions in that post – except the licensing one, which is going to cost the same as SQL Server on Windows.

9. The Top 4 Job Tasks DBAs Forget – Brent Ozar – Practice responding to corruption, automate full & log backup restores ahead of time, set your monitoring tool’s thresholds, and take care of yourself.

10. Well, That Sucked: Laying Off Half the Company – Brent Ozar – This decision was really tough at the time, but looking back, it was the right thing to do. We’re back to profitability, and I’ve given up on trying to make the jump from 3 consultants to 10. I have nothing but respect for companies that are able to make that leap. We’re still growing, but just in a different way, and we’ll have fun announcements about that in 2017.

Happy New Year!

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