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sp_BlitzQueryStore: A Gentle Introduction

Odds and ends During the precon, we asked how many people were on 2016, how many people were aware of query store, how many people were using it, and how many people were using sp_BlitzQueryStore. About 1/3 of the hands went up at first, then for each successive question, fewer and fewer hands stayed up.…
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Index Maintenance Madness

When we look at a new server, we check out their database maintenance jobs, making sure their server is in a safe place before we dig into their pain points. We verify if their backups and DBCC CHECKDB jobs can meet their RPO/RTO goals. We also check out their index maintenance jobs, if any. When…
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[Video] Office Hours 2017/11/15 (With Transcriptions)

This week Brent, Erik, Richie, and Tara discuss Docker, writing to different servers in different locations, SAN Replication, reducing the size of a database, patching Availability Groups, getting rid of failover cluster instances, long-term backup storage options, VLF numbers, and more. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or subscribe…
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[Video] Office Hours 2017/10/25 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Brent, Erik, and Richie discuss database corruption, multi-instance clusters, career advice, whether you should transition from contract work to full time, VMware vMotion, reducing failover time with AGs, query tuning, and more. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or subscribe to our podcast to listen on the…
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SQL Server Workarounds

360 Questions We’ve been asking you folks a lot about what you’d add to SQL Server, and we’ve gotten some great answers. There are even some that have been answered in the last couple versions of SQL Server. For instance, 2016 brought us STRING_SPLIT! SQL Server 2017 has a whole bunch of neat stuff: CONCAT_WS…
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Do Variables Exist?

I know, I know I swore I’d never talk about variables again. Then I ran into some funny business. Maybe it was quite as funny as the Temp Table Ghosts, but hey. What’s as funny as temp tables? It’s in your heaaaaaaaad If I run this, what do you think will come back? Transact-SQL IF…
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New System Stored Procedures in SQL Server 2017

Got a few new stored procs for columnstore indexes: sp_add_columnstore_column_dictionary – input params for @table_id, @column_id sp_is_columnstore_column_dictionary_enabled – as above, plus output param for @is_enabled bit sp_remove_columnstore_column_dictionary – input params for @table_id, @column_id And a couple for snapshot views (which appear to be related to the new snapshot messages in sys.messages) sp_refresh_single_snapshot_view – input param for @view_name…
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