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ColumnStore Indexes: Rowgroup Elimination and Parameter Sniffing In Stored Procedures

Yazoo Over on his blog, fellow Query Plan aficionado Joe Obbish has a Great Post, Brent® about query patterns that qualify for Rowgroup Elimination. This is really important to performance! It allows scans to skip over stuff it doesn’t need, like skipping over the dialog in, uh… movies with really good fight scenes. Car chases?…
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What If Week: What Would You Add?

For this week’s What If series, we’re exploring what would happen if you had access to SQL Server’s source code – like if you got a job at Microsoft, signed a partner NDA, if the code leaked, or if it went open source. Today’s question is, “What would you fix or add?” Erik says: Skipping…
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sp_AllNightLog: Creating Jobs Like I’m The President

Look, we need these things The setup for sp_AllNightLog creates jobs for four separate activities 1 job to poll for new databases to back up (primary) 1 job to poll for new databases to restore (secondary) 10 jobs to poll for backups to take (primary) 10 jobs to poll for restores to… whatever (secondary) And,…
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Five Mistakes Performance Tuners Make

There’s no Top in the title And that’s because a TOP without an ORDER BY is non-deterministic, and you’ll get yelled at on the internet for doing that. This is just a short collection of things that I’ve done in the past, and still find people doing today when troubleshooting performance. Sure, this list could…
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[Video] Office Hours 2017/08/02 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Brent, Erik, and Richie discuss unit testing, tSQLt, availability groups, duplicate indexes, reporting services 2016 on availability groups, troubleshooting Entity Framework queries, joining views in tables, SQL Server caching issues, and why procedures have plans inside the cache. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or…
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Chaining Agent Tasks For Alerting The Right Way

Step By Step When you think about setting up maintenance, a persistent fear is that tasks may step on each other. You probably don’t want backups and CHECKDB and statistics maintenance running at the same time as statistics maintenance (notice I didn’t say index maintenance, here, because you’re smart and you skip it?). You may…
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[Video] Office Hours 2017/07/29 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Brent, Erik, Tara, and Richie discuss SQL Server performance monitoring, ASYNC_IO_COMPLETION, AWS SQL Server licensing and fees, rebuilding indexes, licensing model for Blitz scripts, stored procedures, using (or not using) primary key on a table, choosing ORMs and other tools, and more. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office…
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ColumnStore Indexes And Recursive CTEs

Alone Together When I think about SQL Server features, I often picture a high school cafeteria. AGs are making fun of Mirroring, index rebuilds are walking around taking everyone’s lunch, dta is making a glue sandwich, and no one knows who Service Broker is even though they’ve been going to school together since Kindergarten. At…
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[Video] Office Hours 2017/07/19 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Erik and Richie discuss performance tuning, relativity, Always On Availability Groups, parameter sniffing, technical debt, unit testing, deadlocks, testing storage performance, and more… Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or subscribe to our podcast to listen on the go. Enjoy the Podcast? Don’t miss an episode, subscribe…
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SQL Server 2017 Release Date: October 19, 2017?

Eagle-eyed @NikoNeugebauer (who you should definitely be following on Twitter) noticed something interesting in one of Lenovo’s recent TPC-H benchmark results. In the #TPCH document, the availability of the system with #SQLServer 2017 is listed for 19th of October 2017 🙂https://t.co/Y3VNQt9buZ — Niko Neugebauer (@NikoNeugebauer) July 18, 2017 The benchmark PDF shows: Possible SQL Server 2017 release…
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[Video] Office Hours 2017/07/12 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Brent, Richie, Erik, and Tara discuss partitioning tables, native backups vs 3rd party agent backups, page life expectancy, query tuning, deadlocks, drawbacks of RCSI, triggers, replication, Always On Availability Groups, and forest fires. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office Hours, or subscribe to our podcast to listen on…
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[Video] Office Hours 2017/07/05 (With Transcriptions)

This week, Brent and Tara discuss separating data and logs on separate drives, statistics time, scalar UDFs, licensing, encryption, gathering SQL error logs and agent job history, replication, upcoming training courses from Brent Ozar Unlimited, and what DBA topics they struggle with the most. Here’s the video on YouTube: You can register to attend next week’s Office…
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