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First Responder Kit Updates: New Checks Across the Board

It’s the December to Remember Script Event, and we’ve got updates to everything. Shout out to our contributors this month: @BlitzErik, @RichBenner, @runamuk0, @SQLMonger, and @BrentOzar. Grab the newly updated First Responder Kit, and here’s what’s in it: sp_Blitz Improvements #591 – add check for 2016 Standard installed without Service Pack 1 (coded by @RichBenner) #615…
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Updated First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz markdown output, sp_BlitzIndex statistics checks

In addition to lots of bug fixes and tweaks, my favorite option is: sp_Blitz @OutputType = ‘markdown’ sp_Blitz @OutputType = ‘markdown’, @CheckServerInfo = 1, @CheckUserDatabaseObjects = 1 See, recently I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Stack questions going, “Man, if I just had the output of sp_Blitz, I bet I could answer that question…
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What To Do If sp_BlitzFirst Warns About High Compilations

Compiles Aren’t The Same As Recompiles If you’re seeing high RECOMPILES, this post isn’t for you. We’ll talk about the differences between compiles and recompiles, but not how to troubleshoot recompiles. Recompiles mean one of two obvious things: You have a RECOMPILE hint at the stored procedure or statement level, or SQL found a reason…
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Learn to Use sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzFirst, and sp_BlitzIndex with These Tutorial Videos

There have been so many improvements lately to our First Responder Kit scripts that it was time to update our tutorial videos. Each of these is about ten minutes long and shows how to use ’em: How to Use sp_Blitz for a Health Check How to Use sp_BlitzFirst in a Performance Emergency How to Use…
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First Responder Kit 2016-09: sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex Improvements

First, thanks to 5 community volunteers for contributing code this month. In addition to lots of bug fixes, small stuff, and a new Github issue template (thanks, Konstantin Taranov) here’s the big improvements: sp_Blitz Changes @OutputServerName writes output to remote server (Haris Khan) – for years, these stored procs have had an @OutputServerName parameter just waiting to…
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Breaking News: 2016 Query Store cleanup doesn’t work on Standard or Express Editions

If you’re using SQL Server 2016’s awesome new feature, Query Store, there’s a new bug with automatic cleanup. Books Online explains: Automatic data cleanup fails on editions other than Enterprise and Developer. Consequently, space used by the Query Store will grow over time until configured limit is reached, if data is not purged manually. If…
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First Responder Kit Updated, and sp_BlitzFirst is now sp_BlitzFirst

We’ve released the first fully open source version of our SQL Server First Responder Kit: sp_Blitz, sp_BlitzCache, sp_BlitzIndex, sp_BlitzRS, sp_BlitzTrace, and the newest member: the newly renamed sp_BlitzFirst. I wanted to rename sp_BlitzFirst because as an open source project, it’s going to have more than just my own answers as to why your SQL Server…
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