Updated First Responder Kit for January 2019: Extraneous Syllables

Does anyone know what the date really is?

I usually don’t, and I often consider how doomed humanity would be if I were the smartest person on the planet during any given era.

Anyway, you should go hug someone smarter than you.

Unless they have sensory or boundary issues. Or a restraining order against you.

Thank them in a legally responsible way. Check with your lawyer on this.

You can download the updated FirstResponderKit.zip here.

sp_Blitz Improvements

  • #1874: brent Fixed Some Capitalization Issues.

sp_BlitzCache Improvements

  • #1864: If you’re on 2016+, we’ll populate function names the way we do stored procedure names.
  • #1873: Every once in a while I’d get a weird error about a database not being accessible. I tracked it down to the database property returning a wonky result that didn’t match an equality.

sp_BlitzIndex Improvements

  • #1881: With special thanks to @jobbish-sql for figuring the query out, and @jadarnel27 for putting together an easy Q&A for the documentation page.
  • #1884: Fix for false positives in the heaps with nonclustered primary keys check. If you had a column that, by chance, had the word “rid” in it, it would get flagged. Thanks to @imyourdba for reporting this oddball!
  • #1888: Added server uptime information to the header row of final results. Just a minor tweak, since several checks reference it.

sp_BlitzFirst Improvements

  • #1891: & #1889 both relate to Managed Instances. One with database sizes returning NULLs, and one weird XE wait to screen out.

Big thanks to Some Guy Named Forrest® for having a Managed Instance, and playing doctor with us.

sp_BlitzQueryStore Improvements

  • #1873: Same as BlitzCache
  • #1892@tboggiano suggested a couple enhancements: to return resources by max, and list out all the different plans we found for a query.


  • #1890: Added some collation modifiers to the final results.
  • #1867: Added code to resolve Agent job and step names involved in deadlocks
  • #1866@jobbish-sql and I spent a fun Saturday afternoon perf tuning this old dog, with some nice final results. It went from running for about 5 minutes to running for around 11 seconds.

sp_ineachdb Improvements

  • #1882@pwsqldba hooked us up with some code to tidy up @Help output

sp_foreachdb Improvements
Nothing this time around

sp_BlitzWho Improvements
Nothing this time around

sp_DatabaseRestore Improvements
Nothing this time around

Nothing this time around

sp_BlitzInMemoryOLTP Improvements
Nothing this time around

sp_BlitzBackups Improvements
Nothing this time around

sp_AllNightLog and sp_AllNightLog_Setup Improvements
Nothing this time around

For Support

When you have questions about how the tools work, talk with the community in the #FirstResponderKit Slack channel. If you need a free invite, hit SQLslack.com. Be patient – it’s staffed with volunteers who have day jobs, heh.

When you find a bug or want something changed, read the contributing.md file.

When you have a question about what the scripts found, first make sure you read the “More Details” URL for any warning you find. We put a lot of work into documentation, and we wouldn’t want someone to yell at you to go read the fine manual. After that, when you’ve still got questions about how something works in SQL Server, post a question at DBA.StackExchange.com and the community (that includes us!) will help. Include exact errors and any applicable screenshots, your SQL Server version number (including the build #), and the version of the tool you’re working with.

You can download the updated FirstResponderKit.zip here.

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