When Does SARGability Matter Most?

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I know what you’re thinking. Another post about how you should just never do this one thing and all your queries will magically end up faster.

Just watch the video.


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  • Aaaand bookmarked…Thanks! I find myself becoming a bit of a SQL developer as we don’t have proper ones here (I’m more traditional DBA) so brushing up on my index design. I’ve sent it to them, so hopefully they’ll listen and take it to heart.

  • Loved that this was a video, very easy to digest. It would have been a very long article and despite good intentions, I sometimes get a bit lost trying to keep track of the wordier posts.
    I find videos much easier to process, and even better – much easier to share with others (and this will be shared). Thanks Erik

    • Thanks, Katy. Yeah, I’m going to start doing more videos in place of blog posts when possible.

  • Great video Erik! I am just wondering: Is there anything special about the predicate 1 = (SELECT 1) so that you put it in the first relatively simple demo query?

  • Nicely done! This helped me with an area I hadn’t delved into much before.