Updated First Responder Kit and Consultant Toolkit for August 2019

sp_DatabaseRestore can now restore to Azure blobs and change the database owner after a restore, and everything else gets bug fixes.

To get the new version:

Consultant Toolkit Changes

No functionality changes this month, just updating the First Responder Kit with the below changes.

sp_Blitz Changes

  • Fix: the power mode check now includes the label for Windows 10’s new Ultimate Performance Power Mode, which surely goes up to eleven. (#2044, thanks B. Tyler White for the code.)
  • Improvement: added syntax highlighting in the Github repo. (This affects all scripts, not just sp_Blitz.) (#2090, thanks Konstantin Taranov.)

sp_BlitzCache Changes

  • Improvement: if 75% of your plan cache is new as of today, raise the priority on the plan cache time summaries to 1 (instead of 254.) (#2052)
  • Fix: removing air_quote_actual plans for now. This new feature in SQL Server 2019 & Azure SQL DB simply isn’t working consistently even in 2019 CTP 3.2, so disabling for now. (#2022, thanks Jonathon Wyza for the bug report and Shane Holder for the debugging.)
  • Fix: skip AG secondary databases that don’t allow readable connections. (#2072, thanks Adrian Buckman for the code contribution.)
  • Fix: running sp_BlitzCache from multiple sessions no longer duplicates the missing index count on plans. (#2070)

sp_BlitzFirst Changes

  • Fix: skip AG secondary databases that don’t allow readable connections. (#2072, thanks Adrian Buckman for the code contribution.)
  • Fix: was throwing an int overflow on boxes with over 2TB RAM. (#2060, thanks Dan Andrei Stefan for the bug report.)
  • Fix: index reorgs were being reported as DBCC operations due to a bug in sys.dm_exec_requests. (#2062, thanks Erik Darling for the bug report.)

sp_BlitzIndex Changes

  • Fix: when saving sp_BlitzIndex output to table, if you had an index with a definition over 4,000 characters long, it was throwing the legendary data-would-be-truncated error. Could happen if you had a lot of includes with very long column names, or with columnstore indexes. (#2076, thanks Scotti85 for the bug report.)
  • Fix: if the @IgnoreDatabases parameter was broken across multiple lines (like if you copy/pasted from a spreadsheet), they weren’t all getting ignored. (#2053, thanks Erik Darling for the bug report.)

sp_DatabaseRestore Changes

  • Improvement: new @DatabaseOwner parameter lets you set the database owner after the restore finishes. (#2081, thanks gdoddsy for the code contribution.)
  • Improvement: ability to restore to an Azure blob target. (#2067, thanks John McCall for the code contribution.)

For Support

When you have questions about how the tools work, talk with the community in the #FirstResponderKit Slack channel. If you need a free invite, hit SQLslack.com. Be patient – it’s staffed with volunteers who have day jobs.

When you find a bug or want something changed, read the contributing.md file.

When you have a question about what the scripts found, first make sure you read the “More Details” URL for any warning you find. We put a lot of work into documentation, and we wouldn’t want someone to yell at you to go read the fine manual. After that, when you’ve still got questions about how something works in SQL Server, post a question at DBA.StackExchange.com and the community (that includes us!) will help. Include exact errors and any applicable screenshots, your SQL Server version number (including the build #), and the version of the tool you’re working with.

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