Execution Plans

Introducing the SQL Server Plan Cache (and a Better sp_Blitz®)

When you send your beautifully hand-crafted organic T-SQL statement to SQL Server, the database engine takes a moment to appreciate the poetry of your work.  Before it turns your request into results, it has to build an execution plan.  SQL Server considers: Which tables it needs to join together What subqueries it needs to execute…
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The Art of the Execution Plan

There’s beauty everywhere – even in SQL Server.  I was just staring at this plan when I was struck by its beauty: Stored Procedure Part 1 Oh, sure, it’s ugly, and I recoiled in horror at first, but when you get over that reaction, there’s an amazing amount of stuff there.  Someone – probably many…
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Simon Sabin’s talk on query performance

At #SQLbits, Simon Sabin (Twitter) talked about car crash queries: queries that suddenly have bad performance out of nowhere, yet if you copy/paste them into SQL Server Management Studio, they run quickly.  The culprit is often parameter sniffing: the engine looks at the query and builds a plan, but if the parameters in the WHERE…
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