Execution Plans

ColumnStore Indexes: Rowgroup Elimination and Parameter Sniffing In Stored Procedures

Yazoo Over on his blog, fellow Query Plan aficionado Joe Obbish has a Great Post, Brent® about query patterns that qualify for Rowgroup Elimination. This is really important to performance! It allows scans to skip over stuff it doesn’t need, like skipping over the dialog in, uh… movies with really good fight scenes. Car chases?…
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Why Your Biggest Query Plans Don’t Show Up in Some DMVs

SQL Server has three ways to get execution plans from the plan cache: sys.dm_exec_query_plan – around since SQL Server 2005 sys.dm_exec_text_query_plan – added in 2005 SP2 sys.query_store_plan – new in SQL Server 2016 And there’s an important problem with the first one. To show it, let’s take one of my many bad ideas, building queries that take 12+…
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Adaptive Joins And SARGability

There’s a famous saying Non-SARGable predicates don’t get missing index requests. And that’s true! But can they also stifle my favorite thing to happen to SQL Server since, well, last week? You betcha!© One Sided I’m going to paste in some queries, each with something non-SARGable. There are two tables involved: Users and Posts. Only…
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