Conferences and Classes

Keynote Demos with Ted Kummert

What the #SQLPASS Summit Means to You

Every year, the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) holds a big conference for SQL Server professionals – DBAs, developers, BI people, etc.  Depending on how you look at it, it’s either their North American conference or their global conference – people come from all over the world to attend. This year’s PASS Summit takes…
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Free-Con 2010 at the Hugo House

My Latest Experiment: #SQLPASS Free-Con

At big conferences like the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit in Seattle, attendees can pay extra to attend a pre-conference or post-conference session.  Select speakers talk all day on just one topic, so the attendees get really deep coverage on it.  Competition among speakers is tough for these slots because there’s money involved –…
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My PASS Lightning Talk Preview Video

At this year’s PASS Summit, we’re adding a series of sessions called Lightning Talks.  In a normal one-hour time slot, you can sit and watch several presenters give rapid-fire, 5-minute micro-sessions on various topics. My Lightning Talk is “Storage Area Networks Simplified” – I’m covering the two most important things you need to know about…
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Watch the PASS Summit Keynote Live Online

For the first time this year, the Professional Association for SQL Server will be broadcasting the PASS Summit keynote live on the web! Each day of the Summit, Microsoft staff will open up the day with their keynote speeches: Tuesday – Ted Kummert will be talking about Microsoft’s commitment to mission critical applications and easier…
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Hey Ma, Watch This!

Sessions I Submitted for the PASS Summit

Every year, the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS) holds an international Summit.  This year it’s Monday, November 8th through Thursday, November 11th in Seattle, Washington. Anyone can submit sessions to present.  If your session is accepted, you get a free registration, saving you around $2,000.  Even if you’re not planning on going to the…
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PASS Summit Survey Results

The good news is that the people have spoken. The bad news is there were less than 200 people involved.  I’m hesitant to read too much into a survey with such a small sampling of a big audience, but hey, it’s what we’ve got.  The PASS 2010 Summit survey results are out, and a few…
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Missing Out on PASS Europe and London

My flight to the PASS European Summit and the PASS London chapter just got cancelled due to the volcanic ash mess.  We talked about trying to find more ways around it, like flying into other parts of Europe and then hoping to catch a train to Dusseldorf.  Ultimately the alternate routes were too expensive (both…
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Seattle. Get Used To It.

The PASS Summit Location Survey Results

The Professional Association for SQL Server recently sent its members a survey asking where they should hold their next summit – in Seattle again, or rotate it around the country.  Initially we heard that the results wouldn’t be posted for a variety of reasons, but the PASS Board of Directors heard the community loud and…
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Tom LaRockStar

Book Week: Interviewing Tom LaRock on Writing

This week I’m focusing on books – writing, publishing, and marketing.  So far I’ve covered how to make (or lose) money writing a book and how the Wine Trials might work as a business model, and today I’m talking to a first-time author.  Enjoy! Tom LaRockStar Tom LaRock needs no introduction, but you know that…
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John Jones of NetApp

Chicago #SQLPASS Meeting Recap

John Jones and Ray LaMarca of NetApp came to the Chicago PASS Chapter tonight, and John did a presentation about storage performance.  One of my measures of a good performance is the number of questions asked during the presentation, and John’s presentation was definitely a winner there.  Lots of good questions. John Jones of NetApp…
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Should We Hold #SQLPASS in Seattle?

A survey just went out to SQLPASS members and it focuses some attention on where to hold the PASS Summit each year.  In November 2010, it’ll be held in Seattle for the third year in a row, and some folks think it should stay in Seattle permanently. I just don’t agree. Microsoft Doesn’t Have a…
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PASS Recap: Discussions with PASS Board Members

During the Summit, I had the chance to talk to most of the PASS Board of Directors members in hallways, bars, and other off-the-record places.  I didn’t conduct formal interviews with them, but a few things consistently stood out when talking to each of them. These are smart people. I’ve never had a conversation with…
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PASS Recap: Interview with Val Fontama

Next up in my PASS Summit interview series is Microsoft’s Val Fontama. Val focused on the new Parallel Data Warehouse Edition of SQL Server 2008R2, formerly known as Project Madison. I was really excited about the prospects of this new edition, and I had a lot of practical implementation questions. Let’s see whether the answers…
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PASS Recap: Interview with Bill Graziano

I interviewed Bill Graziano, the VP of Marketing for PASS, at the PASS Summit this year. Bill has a contagious upbeat excitement about him that makes him a good marketing guy. He started the Blogger’s Table at the PASS keynotes last year, and we started by talking about his accomplishments in marketing PASS. Bill’s Recent…
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PASS Recap: Interview with Wayne Snyder

At last week’s PASS Summit in Seattle, I had the privilege to interview Wayne Snyder, the PASS President. Wayne doesn’t blog or use Twitter, so I was excited to get the chance to talk with him, get to know him better, and learn about his roles and goals. When I’m talking to somebody about a…
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#SQLPASS Keynote Day 3 Liveblog

I missed the first 10 minutes of the keynote today when Kevin Kline (Blog – @KEKline) was recognized for his amazing decade of service to PASS. I was not present for the next 30 minutes of Dell keynote, but I did not miss it. </rimshot> I’m starting this blog entry now, but don’t refresh for…
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