Registration is Open for’s April Free Conference

GroupBy Conference
0 is our community training initiative where your votes pick the session lineup. Here’s the lineup you chose for GroupBy April:

Friday, April 21:

  • 8AM Eastern – How to Use Parameters Like a Pro and Boost Performance by Guy Glantser
  • 10AM – Introducing the SQL Server 2016 Query Store by Enrico van de Laar
  • Noon – Worst Practices & Less Known Limitations for Columnstore Indexes by Niko Neugebauer
  • 2PM – Gems to Help You Troubleshoot Query Performance by Pedro Lopes
  • 4PM – Crash Course on Better SQL Development by Vladimir Oselsky

Friday, April 28:

  • 8AM Eastern – SQL Server 2016 Features for Performance Tuning Lovers by Matan Yungman
  • 10AM – SAN Primer for the DBA by Doug Bernhardt
  • Noon – Bringing DevOps to the Database by Steve Jones
  • 2PM – Azure SQL Databases: A Guided Tour by Mike Walsh
  • 4PM – Hacking SQL Server by André Melancia

If you’ve attended GroupBy in the past, you’re already registered for the April events, and you’ve gotten a confirmation.

To register, head on over to the home page of Wanna be a presenter in the next round? Abstracts are open for the June event!

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