I’m Killing It at PASS Summit 2015!


I’m delighted and honored to be presenting two sessions at the 2015 PASS Summit in Seattle: “Living and Dying by Dynamic SQL” and “SQL Server Mystery: Dead Reports Don’t Talk”. Since I’ve never done either of these sessions at the Summit before, here’s a little more information about the sessions to help you decide whether to attend:

  • Although the titles differ, these are both murder mystery sessions, modeled after a murder mystery dinner party. Except we won’t be serving food.
    "Where were you on the night of the 27th?"
    “Where were you on the night of the 27th?”
  • Like a murder mystery party, you’ll be conversing with the people around you. You’ll discuss clues and work as a group to solve the mystery.
  • The suspects will be sitting in the crowd too; you may end up next to one of them.
  • The mystery loops through a pattern 3-4 times: topic – interview – clue. This means every 2-3 minutes, we’re moving on to the next step and keeping things lively.
  • The two main goals of the session are for you to learn more about 1) the technical topic and 2) the people you’re sitting with. The PASS Summit is as much (if not more so) a networking event as it is an educational event. I want to emphasize both points in the same session.
  • In the coming months, I’ll be retweeting people at Cromulent Technologies — people you’ve never heard of. If you’re thinking of coming to my session(s), pay special attention to these retweets. Cromulent Technologies is the workplace of the principal characters in our murder mysteries.
  • If you’re familiar with other speakers in the SQL Server community, you’ll probably recognize a few of the suspects.

I promise you, you’ve never seen SQL Server presentations quite like these. I hope to see you there! Got questions? Ask away in the comments!

Brent says: I love stuff like this that breaks up the monotony of conference sessions. Make me think in new ways and keep the conference lively – that keeps me engaged.

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  • Steve Mangiameli
    July 30, 2015 11:42 am

    Awww…sorry I’ll miss them. I’m attending Intersection this year – my first ever SQL conference. Brent, you going to change up your presentations at Intersection or are you gonna let Doug have all the glory with this style?

  • This sounds like an awesome format for a WISSUG (local pass chapter, Wisconsin) meeting. And we serve pizza. I might have to steal the idea.

  • Cromulent Technologies…. Solutions that embiggen. Are they hiring?

  • I will remember to keep a careful eye on all people wearing knee-length white socks and a skirt 😉


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