Reminder: Rate Your Summit Sessions (and Watch Mine Now!)


PASS Summit attendees, we need your feedback.

The greatest gift you can give back to your volunteer speakers is your comments to help them get better. Ratings are good – but what we really like is constructive comments. Don’t be polite – if you hated a session (mine included!), say why. Presenters really want to get better, but they need your help.

Please take five minutes to fill out your evaluations now. Evals close Friday.

My sessions were Wednesday AD-103 (Intro to Internals) and Friday PD-500 (500-Level Guide to Career Internals).

Then, when you’re done, you can watch recordings of the main room at the Summit. It’s totally free, even if you didn’t attend the Summit. Here’s the first one of the first day – mine! Woohoo! To follow along, print out this 3-page PDF.

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