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Plan Guides are like duct tape

Stabilizing Execution Plans: Plan Guides and NORECOMPUTE

What could go wrong? Sometimes you end up in a good plan / bad plan situation: an important query runs just fine most of the time. The query is parameterized, a good execution plan gets re-used, everything is cool. But sometimes, a “bad plan” gets compiled and starts to be reused. This is “bad” parameter sniffing. “Bad plans” can…
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Meet the Artist Behind the TempDB Toilets

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Brent says: beware public toilets with only one data file. Occasionally people ask me if I’m responsible for the cool artwork on our site. I wish I had those kind of skills! The artist behind the artwork on our website is the one and only Eric Larsen. Eric’s been great to work with: he doesn’t laugh…
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Why You’re Tuning Stored Procedures Wrong (the Problem with Local Variables)

There’s an important rule for tuning stored procedures that’s easy to forget: when you’re testing queries from procedures in SQL Server Management Studio, execute it as a stored procedure, a temporary stored procedure, or using literal values. Don’t re-write the statemet you’re tuning as an individual TSQL statement using local variables! Where it goes wrong…
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