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Land a Dream DBA or Developer Job: Seven Questions to Ask

Looking back over all my years of interviewing and being interviewed, I realize that there are simple secrets to getting a great job offer. The big secret is just this: ask great questions. Interviewing Goes Both Ways Asking thoughtful questions in your interview process, from screening to salary negotiations, makes you more powerful. It shows…
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Which Sessions Will YOU Send to the SQL PASS Summit?

It’s votin’ time, folks. SQL PASS 2011 community sessions have been selected by the Program Committee, but there are still five slots up for grabs. Those five sessions are up to you, the community. My Potential Session – “No More Bad Dates: Best Practices for Working With Dates and Times” Vote for me and save…
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Brent Ozar Unlimited® Adds Another MCM

Nope, we didn’t clone Brent. I am honored to say I’ve earned the Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server 2008 certification. Seriously honored. I feel awesome. What’s the SQL Sever MCM? “MCM” stands for “Microsoft Certified Master.” As Microsoft describes it, “the MCM program is the highest level of technical certification; it helps recognize and validate…
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How To Hire Top Talent

You want to hire a fantastic DBA or database developer. You want someone who can hit the ground running, who you can trust to maintain your current system and tune it like a pro. Plus you want someone who can see key improvements, communicate effectively, and drive change in your system. You want it all.…
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Your Job Isn’t To Make Your Boss Happy

You might be surprised to learn that my goal as a consultant isn’t to deliver recommendations to my customers. Instead, my goal is to deliver recommendations that help my customer’s teams be better customers to each other after I’m gone. This is a fancy way of saying my recommendations need to be practical. I don’t…
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