Brent Ozar Unlimited® Adds Another MCM

Nope, we didn’t clone Brent. I am honored to say I’ve earned the Microsoft Certified Master SQL Server 2008 certification.

Seriously honored.

I feel awesome.

What’s the SQL Sever MCM?

“MCM” stands for “Microsoft Certified Master.”

As Microsoft describes it, “the MCM program is the highest level of technical certification; it helps recognize and validate an individual’s ability to design, implement, and troubleshoot solutions built on Microsoft software and technologies.”

As I describe it: The MCM is the biggest, baddest technical certification you can get for SQL Server. This isn’t a certification you can earn by memorization. You need to find the devil in the details and demonstrate you can send him running home screaming. Again. And Again. And again.

What Am I Most Excited About?

This isn’t the only way to show I have an enduring passion for learning, for databases, and for scaling software. There are many ways to do that!

But to me, this is a big symbol of how much I love what I do.

I’m excited to keep learning about technology– that’s not changing. As an MCM, I join a very cool, very smart community of people who are invested in learning and developing new solutions.

I’m most excited about helping others understand the MCM program and work toward their own goals. If you’d like to work toward this certification— I made it! I can help out. Unsure if this is the right thing to aim for? I know how to help you figure it out.

Learn more on our SQL MCM page.

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