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There’s a double dose of free training coming your way on Tuesday, July 19th!

Completely Legal Performance Enhancements

At 11:30 AM Central I’ll be hitting the intertubes and talking about Completely Legal Performance Enhancements. You’ll want to attend this talk if you know you have a performance problem but don’t know where to start. In plain English, that really means this talk is for you if you are either

  • A DBA with 1-3 years of experience or
  • A developer looking to learn more about SQL Server.

This talk covers a mix of DBA and developer topics, but everything is aimed at people just getting started with SQL Server performance tuning. Most important, it will provide a few key places to focus on what’s slowing you down and start you down the path to SQL Server wellness.

Register online for free.

Refactoring SQL – Salem Oregon SQL Server User’s Group

People of Oregon, let’s learn about refactoring T-SQL!

Refactoring SQL is not like refactoring application code. This talk will cover proven SQL refactoring techniques that will help you identify where performance gains can be made, apply quick fixes, improve readability, and help you quickly locate places to make sweeping performance improvements. I have years of hands on experience tuning SQL applications for performance, throughput, and concurrency.

This talk is aimed squarely at the SQL Server developer DBA. It focuses on common problems with T-SQL and SQL Server itself and contains a hints to get you on the right track. There are a few tricks for production support DBAs as well.

When: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 5:30 PM-7:30
Where: PH Tech, 3993 Fairview Industrial Dr. Salem, Oregon 97352

Refactoring SQL – OSCON

I’m also giving a version of the Refactoring SQL talk at OSCON in two weeks. While the title is the same, and some of the concepts are the same, the OSCON talk focuses on techniques that are application to many different databases, not just SQL Server. If you really want to visit me at OSCON, you can still register. It’ll be fun on a bun!

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