Which Sessions Will YOU Send to the SQL PASS Summit?


It’s votin’ time, folks. SQL PASS 2011 community sessions have been selected by the Program Committee, but there are still five slots up for grabs. Those five sessions are up to you, the community.

My Potential Session – “No More Bad Dates: Best Practices for Working With Dates and Times”

Vote for me and save this kitten.

Your votes could send me to speak at SQL PASS!

My “No More Bad Dates” session is up for community choice. Here’s the abstract for my session:

Dates and times seem simple at first. Kendra Little will show you there’s more to it than you think. She’ll give you five best practices that will help you select the right temporal data type, avoid common issues, and use the most effective techniques to aggregate data. She’ll also explain painful problems with query performance and how to avoid them. Choose wisely: the correct types and high performing data access logic will scale well and save development and administrative time.

Why I’d Like to Present This Session

This presentation surprises people. Dates and times are tricky, and they’re significantly evolving. We got some seriously big improvements in SQL 2008 and more cool changes are coming in SQL Server Denali.

I would love the opportunity to share these changes with the community.

How to Vote for SQL PASS Community Choice Sessions

Follow this link to the PASS Summit 2011 site. Log in with your existing account or create a new one. It should redirect you afterward to the voting page.

Then: vote!

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