This is the Last Year You Can Buy a Live Class Season Pass.

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When you buy my Live Class Season Pass, you can attend all of my live online training classes for a year straight, plus watch the recordings.

It’s an excellent deal: go to your manager just once, get approval just once, and then spend the entire year learning how to master SQL Server. You don’t have to shoehorn specific dates into your calendar – just drop in whenever your schedule permits. When an emergency pops up at work, no worries – you can catch up with the recordings after hours, or watch ’em later.

In order to make it work for your schedule, I teach all of my Mastering classes at least 6 times a year: 3 times in Americas-friendly time zones, and 3 times in Europe-friendly time zones. I basically spend about 1/4 of my year teaching.

Now, I love teaching, and I have a ton of fun with it. You’ll see the joy and excitement in my eyes if you drop into my free classes happening right now, and depending on when you’re reading this, there might even be one streaming right now. I know y’all have fun with it, too, because students return again and again to sharpen their skills throughout the year. I love seeing their techniques improve on the labs over time.

But…I’ve been teaching a heck of a lot.

And I’m gonna be honest with you, dear reader: I like not working.

Well, by that I mean I like not having any specific day/time events on my calendar. I don’t mind working – I actually love what I do – but I like the flexibility of being able to run off wherever I want, whenever I want, and go have an adventure. It’s hard to do that when I have so much training time blocked out on my calendar, so far in advance. Starting a year from now, in November 2022, I’m going to mostly focus on recorded classes rather than live ones. I’m going to continue to produce new material, but I’m going to teach the live versions much, much more rarely.

So if you’ve always wanted to get in on my live classes, the clock starts November 1, and ends December 1:

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