When I’m not broadcasting live, you can check out my free stream archives at Twitch and YouTube. This week’s lineup:

This channel is scrambled.

Don't you hate that feeling when you stumble onto a good show, but it's on one of those pay channels? That's what's happening here.

Today's class isn't on public television: it's one of my paid classes. Wanna join? Grab yourself a Live Class Season Pass, or log in if you already have one.

If you bought a Fundamentals week pass, your training is over here. If you bought a Live Class Season Pass after February 2021, your training is over here.

Upcoming Live Classes

You can get all of these with a Live Class Season Pass. If you bought the VM add-on, fill out this form to tell me which dates you’ll be attending so I can get your VMs available ahead of time. (I need at least 48 hours advance notice before the class.)

Each class has hands-on labs for you to follow along. Read each course’s prerequisites at least a few days before class because setting up your VM will take quite a bit of time the first time you attend a Mastering class.


For the highest resolution, click on the config icon in the player and you can change it up to 1080p. If you’re on a slow connection (unreliable wifi, DSL, etc) you can also change it down to a lower quality there, too. If you have problems with the video stuttering or not keeping up, first try refreshing your browser, then try closing other apps that are using the Internet (like syncing large files), or try connecting over wired Ethernet. And stop trying to steal wifi from your neighbor three houses over, ha ha ho ho.

For chat and questions, join the #BrentOzarUnlimited Slack channel, or read the instructions on how to get in. I only do Q&A over Slack – if you can’t get in there, you won’t be able to ask questions or turn in your homework.

If you don’t see a broadcast streaming window above, check with your sysadmins to have them unblock Mux.com (private classes) and Twitch.tv or YouTube.com (free public classes) for you. If you’re using a company VPN, you may also want to try disconnecting that VPN to see if that helps. If your video pauses, you’ve got an unstable Internet connection. Hit refresh on the page to restart your streaming. I can’t help troubleshoot your Internet connection during class, unfortunately.