[Video] Office Hours: Ask Me Anything On the Balcony


Good evening, party people! I finally have my new San Diego home base all set up and unpacked, so I took a champagne break to review your top-rated questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento.

Here’s what we covered:

  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 00:27 Alex: Hi Brent. For a few hours we got a “Could not continue scan with NOLOCK due to data movement” error on a proc that used read uncommitted isolation (I know!). The errors stopped when the proc was recompiled. What are your thoughts on why the recompile stopped the error? Thanks.
  • 02:15 No Longer a DBA: Hi Brent, recently accepted a security role at a new company and I was the sole DBA at my old place of employment. I’d like to consult as a DBA on the side at my old employer. My question is what would be a good consultant fee to charge them? The business is based in FL. Thanks!!
  • 04:02 Igor: Hi Brent!My friend noticed on his AlwaysON AG occasional replica change state from PRIMARY_NORMAL to RESOVLING_NORMAL/PRIMARY_PENDING back to PRIMARY_NORMAL without actual failover.This is happening 3-4 times a month. What can cause this behavior in AG? Is this a normal behavior?
  • 05:42 party people: How to create clean SQL code? Friends suggestions: use CTE (avoid subqueries), use Inner Joins (avoid joining in the WHERE clause). What are your tips?
  • 07:23 Maciej: Hi Brent, thank you for recommending “500 Level Guide to Career Internals” in one of the previous Office Hours. I really enjoyed it. Q: As an IT professional who witnessed dot-com and housing market bubbles to burst do you find any similarities to the current economic situation?
  • 09:08 George: For the purposes of cost allocation, I need to collect statistics and metrics on a table level that can be directly attached to a single user or an AD group. For example how many queries a user has to a given table, I/O, resource all. Is that possible without using XE and audit?
  • 10:43 Future-DBA: I need to truncate a table with 50 million rows and 150 GBs size; the table is in a database that is part of an Async AG. What will be the effect of this operation on the AG latency and the size of log backups? Is there a recommended way of doing this?
  • 12:32 Mike: Hi I want to work on open source SQL database projects not Stackoverflow or stackexchange questions. Where can I find these opportunities? What are you suggestions on it. (Projects just for knowledge purpose not monetary)
  • 13:34 ZeRemoteCrowd: G’day Mr. Ozar! ?an you quite honestly say that things you teach during your classes were already explained numerous times by others and in other sources or there is something you consider a sort of “commercial secret” in your teaching materials? P.S. your classes ARE great!
  • 15:44 DBA Lite: Since changing companies where before I didn’t have a dedicated DBA, it’s been eye opening how bad developers are at write queries. Thoughts on ways and/or skills to start with to upskill my development team with SQL with a limited training budget?
  • 18:13 DBA Lite: Thoughts on how to improve collaboration between DBA and Development teams? The tension seems thick even with questions you field.
  • 20:35 Chad Baldwin: Aside from your hourglass method. What are some ways you like to help manage your time, goals, tasks, to-dos, etc. I feel if I had a better handle on this, I’d be much more successful, and you seem to get so much done despite having such a hectic schedule.
  • 22:26 Ice Ice Baby: Hi Brent, a friend of mine wants to put a Data Warehouse on the same server as an AG readable secondary and use it as the source for data extraction. Is this a good idea and are there any gotcha’s when using a readable secondary? All servers are 2017.
  • 24:14 KB: Hi Brent! Thank you for all your free content! Do you have any opinions on Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon RDS for a production workload?
  • 25:22 Kajimial: sp_BlitzCache? In which cases you need to remove plan handle from cache. For example you create an index and you have auto update statistics off, is the SQL clever enough to recompile the execution batch and create new plan, or do you need to delete from cache the existing one
  • 26:38 DBA: Can you talk about using Ola Hallengren’s backup solution vs a 3rd party backup solution like Rubrik? We currently use Ola’s. Our infrastructure team uses Rubrik for their VM snapshots and would love to see us adopt Rubrik for db backups. I don’t see advantages to switching
  • 29:15 Oleg: Hi Brent, My friend is wondering what might the reason for “Columns With No Statistics” on primary key?
  • 29:49 Scott: When debugging the “yellow bangs” in an actual execution plan, I sometimes come across a single operator writing many trillions of pages to tempdb, to the tune of multiple petabytes. The tempdb is 1 TB. Is this a bug in SQL Server or am I not understanding something here?
  • 31:11 Wrap-up
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  • Warren DeMars
    October 9, 2021 1:37 am

    Great video and love the balcony view. I could watch airport traffic all day.

  • TechnoCaveman
    October 9, 2021 2:44 pm

    Brent, sir, its hard for me to ask you a question.
    Why? Before asking, I feel I should try it first and do some RTFM.
    How ever, what I have to play, er work with, is both limited and due to VMware / bureaucracy obscured and perhaps “not the more accurate”
    However I do learn a great deal and hence, stick around for “what I do not need to day, but may need tomorrow” Any of us poor working stifs could be “company profit today, free lance tomorrow”

  • Glenn Small from Microsoft once described NOLOCK to me as “The crack cocaine of SQL Server”. This is one of the many reasons why.


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