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SQL ConstantCareWith our SQL ConstantCare® service, you install a service that polls your SQL Servers once a day, and then we send you a daily email telling you the most important tasks to perform on that server to make it faster and more reliable.

We’re all about minimizing the amount of emails you get from us – I simply don’t wanna bombard your email inbox. I don’t wanna have the kind of service where you end up setting up an Outlook rule just to filter all the monitoring emails to go to a folder – because we all know how that story ends.

So now, we can cut down those emails even further. If you’ve got multiple servers, we can send you just one email per day with the advice for all of your servers in a single email.

To opt into the new consolidated emails, fill out the download form, and choose one combined email:

I honestly don’t expect everybody to choose this (and it’s not the default) because I’ve been surprised by how many folks have the SQL ConstantCare® emails set up to automatically create help desk tickets for them. See, some companies have email addresses that will automatically create a ticket whenever it receives an email. That way, they can assign new SQL ConstantCare® alerts and advice to specific people, and track the progress they’re making on solving that particular issue. Bravo, them!

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